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  • Plugin Author AntoineH


    Based on only the screenshots I can’t tell if the calculations are correct. Can you also provide the score settings you have? And if you use any customizations on the plugin.

    Tip: the help page contains some examples of scores which are calculated based on your settings (but without extension plugins). These may also provide an insight on how your different settings interact with each other.



    yes AntoineH, the calculations are correct. But the problem is another:
    It is not logical to get one more point if the odds are a draw rather than another result that is not a draw.

    I’ll explain:
    if my prediction is 2-2 and I guess it, I score 8 points.
    if my prediction is 3-1 and I guess it, I score 7 points.

    This can not be correct.

    The plugin instead works perfectly if, for example, my prediction is 2-2 and the game ends 1-1. This, unfortunately, without the plugin was not calculated correctly. in fact, as also explained in the HELP section, without this plugin I would score only one point.

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    so, is not it possible to do anything for this aspect of the game?
    it would be enough to add a check in the plugin that, in case of full score, does not have to add the points of the goal difference.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Sorry, didn’t have time to respond earlier.

    Of course it is possible to do something about the calculation, but it has been like this for ages and I can’t just change the core of the plugin without a fallback. That could potentially give me a lot of complaints from users that depend on these settings even if they seem illogical 🙂

    But, to be honest, I haven’t used the settings for goal diff and goal bonus before myself. So, to understand the problem a bit more, can you post your settings?

    full points:
    toto points:
    goal bonus:
    goal difference bonus:

    full points: 5
    toto points: 1
    goal bonus: 1
    goal difference bonus: 1

    I imagine that probably this very useful and fundamental plugin (of course it is my assessment) has never been seriously considered. But I’m sure that, once you’ve done your tests, you’ll understand the motivations of my request. 🙂

    thank you so much for your time!

    however I think it is so obvious not to consider the goal difference in the case of a full score obtained with a draw, just as it happens in all other cases of full points. It can not be otherwise! 🙂

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    Okay, sorry for the confusion, but I thought you were talking about the standard plugin.
    But when you were referring to ‘the’ plugin, you meant the “Football Pool Change Score” extension. I missed that important bit of the topic start… 😀

    To be honest, I don’t remember the actual user request for this one. I just built it and posted it as an example of how you could change the score calculation by hooking into the code. And the extension changed a couple of times after that. I never bothered to look at the actual outcome or if it made sense.

    But now looking at it more closely, it indeed makes no sense at all. Here’s a new version. I only updated the calculation. I did not check if the charts are also updated correctly.

    In a future version I will consider if I will change to this new score build up (with a fallback to the old one).

    Errr… nevermind, now I also reward goal diff in case of a full score. It’s getting late. I will look into it some more when I have more time. But at least this version does not make a difference between draws and other matches.

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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 4 weeks ago by  AntoineH.

    OK thanks!
    for now I have dropped the FULL score to 4 points instead of 5, so as to always reach 7 points in the final calculation.
    So now setting FULL = 4 actually counts me 5.
    This is transparent to the user, only I am an administrator are aware of the escamotage.
    I hope you implement this extension within the main plugin, also because I can not find meaning in counting without the extension. Why should draws be penalized?

    I realized now, looking at the charts updated with the new changes, that the FULL ranking is obviously distorted. To get 7 points in case of exact prediction, I decreased the value set for the FULL POINTS score from 5 to 4. But then the FULL ranking adds me 4 points and not 5 as before.
    But this is understandable, because now the goal difference is also added in case of an exact prediction.

    I await with hope for a final update 🙂

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    I think the problem gets a bit more complicated. Consider the following: if you have two matches for which you get a toto score (and for example purposes we leave out the the goal bonus), then there could be a difference in points between a draw and a match with a winning team. Because a toto score for a draw will always also reward a goal diff bonus (in a draw the difference in goals scored is always zero).
    And a match with a winning team may reward a goal diff bonus depending on what the prediction was.

    E.g. consider these:

    Match 1-1 and prediction 2-2
    Match 2-0 and prediction 4-1
    Match 2-0 and prediction 3-1

    And if you do take the goal bonus into consideration then there is also this toto result:

    Match 2-0 prediction 3-0

    How would you prefer to handle these scenarios? For a player in the pool it could be confusing that a toto result could result in different points being rewarded.

    Maybe this is the reason why I never bothered to try it another way 😉 The 2 bonus points were added on different moments in the code and never designed to work together.

    with my settings:
    full points: 5
    toto points: 1
    bonus goal: 1
    goal difference bonus: 1

    we would have:

    Match 1-1 and prediction 2-2 = 2 points (toto 1 + goal diff 1)
    Match 2-0 and prediction 4-1 = 1 point (toto 1)
    Match 2-0 and prediction 3-1 = 2 points (toto 1 + goal diff 1)
    Match 2-0 and 3-0 prediction = 2 points (toto 1 + bonus goal 1)

    sorry but I do not understand where the problem is.
    Everything seems consistent to me.
    A draw match has a goal difference of 0 and if the player has predicted a draw (therefore goal difference 0) it is right to reward him exactly as if he had guessed the difference goal by betting 5-3 a match finished 8-6

    The problem is only the following:
    using your extension, the goal difference should never be calculated when the player guesses the full result.

    Not using your extension, you have this scenario:

    Match 1-1 and prediction 2-2 = 1 point (toto 1)
    Match 2-0 and prediction 3-1 = 2 points (1 toto + 1 goal diff)

    does it seem consistent? why penalize a draw, not considering the goal difference?

    I believe that the goal difference should be calculated even in the case of draw, in the original plugin (except in the case of a full score, as already happens now).
    Once you’ve implemented this change in the original plugin, there’s no longer any need for the extension.

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    OK, that makes sense. Would you also want the goal bonus to be ignored in case of the full score? So, goal diff is only rewarded in case of a toto reward and goal bonus only in case of toto or even if you don’t have toto (e.g. match 2-1 prediction 0-1).

    I believe that the only correction to do is to add the goal difference even in the case of draw. Then:
    Match 1-1 and prediction 2-2 = 2 points (1 toto + 1 goal diff)
    Match 2-0 and prediction 3-1 = 2 points (1 toto + 1 goal diff)

    And continue not to add points for the goal difference for the full scores, as it has always been. Then:

    Match 1-1 and prediction 1-1 = 7 (5 full points + two times the goal bonus)
    Match 2-0 and prediction 2-0 = 7 (5 full points + two times the goal bonus)

    the examples I made them using my settings of course:
    full points: 5
    toto points: 1
    bonus goal: 1
    goal diff bonus: 1

    Everything else is perfect.

    I apologize for my imperfect English, I use google translator, I try to do my best 🙂

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