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  • JohnPope


    I have used WordPress quite a lot in the past, but haven’t used it for a few years.

    Earlier this year, I started a food blog but didn’t know how much time I would have to post anything on it, so I just used, now I am finding that I am spending more time there than I thought I would be able to, and I want to do a lot of things with the site/blog that just doesn’t allow me to do.

    I’ve put together a site and imported posts over from my existing blog, and it is currently living in a temporary place while I work on it and try to iron out some bugs.

    I’m happy with the front page, and the rest is starting to come together as well, although there is a bit of CSS fiddling still to do.

    My biggest problem is that I only have a Mac at home, and while everything looks fine to me in Safari, Firefox and Opera, and also looked ok in IE7 from an internet cafe this morning, I have no way to see how broken it all is in IE6 or earlier.

    I’d really appreciate any and all feedback, both good and bad.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Chrisber


    The full justification in the gray text boxes looks terrible. Otherwise I think the design is pretty clean and different from most other WP sites.



    I wasn’t sure about that either, when I did it there were only 4 cats on the page and the excerpts were much longer, it looked much better.

    Just changed it to left justify, looks a lot better.



    It is a definite improvement, but I would suggest going back to a layout that’s closer to your original 4 categories. Maybe a 2 across grid instead of 3 across. When line lengths are too long or too short they are much more difficult to read.



    Looks good to me



    Chrisber: Thanks for the input, but I need to keep all 6 cats on the front page, so will keep the grid as it is, but might try changing around a few other things on the page.

    Is anyone out there using IE6?
    I know that the front page looks ok, but would like to know if the category and post pages are ok in IE, or if they break in some strange way.



    Interesting layout. Now I’m getting hungry.



    Surely somebody out there is using IE? 🙂

    I’ve added a ‘Development blog’ to the About the site page in case anyone wants to follow my adventures in wordpress.

    Moderator John James Jacoby


    BuddyPress/bbPress Lead

    How about this…

    My first impression of your website is that I don’t exactly know what I’m doing there or what to do next…

    Sure, there are 6 blocks in front of me, but none of them naturally gravitate my attention, nor do they really set a good expectation on what is coming next and why it warrants my attention…

    I like the idea, I like the colors and I like the fact that it’s a break away from the typical layout monotony, but in the end it leaves me wishing I knew why I was supposed to keep reading…

    Good direction and good luck!



    Ouch! 🙂

    The idea is that each of the six blocks represents one section (category) of the site.

    The newest post in the section is featured with the excerpt and a picture, and the next 3 posts are listed by title only.

    It’s a pretty standard kind of idea for news sites, etc. Latest article with some info and pic, then other articles listed.

    Maybe the fact that there are the six sections means there is too much on the page, and this is why you don’t like it, or maybe my excerpts and pics just aren’t interesting enough.

    I have made a slight change to the css of the page today, which will be carried through to the rest of the site as well either today or tomorrow – I think that the light grey background makes quite a big positive difference to the front page (just worried that it makes it look a bit BBC).

    Thanks for the comment, would love more if anyone has any thoughts.



    I was also a little bit confused about where to go and how to get there. I think part of the problem is that your links don’t really look like links. I think it would also help if your categories had more interesting titles.



    I like how you take wordpress and mold it to outside of the box. Very well done. It shows really how much powerful wordpress is. Lol you even named the blog directory /food. I haha’d.

    Anyway, the customization is certainly nice. I also customized mine beyond standard WP but unforutnately it’s still a vertical blog type post (I’m trying to do two columns). Anyway check it out, the site is a hip hop community about buying beats.



    This site has now moved to

    There is still a lot to, but I think it is looking better and better.

    For anyone curious about what we are doing with wordpress, the site development blog is at dev blog

    Thanks for all comments in here so far, I’m eager to improve the site, so would love more criticism and opinions (good or bad).



    John: I went back for another look today, and I think the gray background behind your categories is an improvement. A vertical rule to enclose the sides of that gray box would be a nice touch.



    Make the category titles bigger and easier to see.



    kaethy: I’m assuming that you are talking about on the frontpage?

    Just had a CSS juggle of the front page, makes the category titles much bigger and stand out more.

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