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    Is there a way to use foobox for when people click on an image in a carousel slider via slider revolution? I reached out to them, but they suggested reaching out to you instead.

    much appreciated!

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    hi there – can you link to a page that you have the slide on and I can have a look to see how to connect FooBox to it.

    The slider will need to include an anchor tag pointing to the full size image. If that is the case with slider revolution, then it should be possible


    Thanks for reaching out to me. The site is currently not live so you’d have to login via admin. I’d rather you not have to go through that trouble. Is there any way we could try and figure this out here? It’s a simple carousel slider. It has up tp 30 photos. I’d like for when a visitor clicks on a photo that the image will go full screen with the foobox plugin.

    Any ideas on integration?

    Thanks, again!

    Oh yeah, once the visitor clicks on a photo and the foobox plugin kicks in I’d like them to be able to swipe left or swipe right to view the rest of the photos. Remember where I mentioned there could be up to 30 photos in the carousel slider?

    Plugin Author bradvin



    I had a look at some revolution slider demos and it seems that by default, images are not linked, so they are not contained within an anchor element. Is there a way to change how images are linked within the plugin? There is not a free version of the plugin, so I am not sure

    I’m not sure I quite understand you. I can add jquery or tag link to any layer. There’s also a place for custom JavaScript code and another place for css. Does that answer your question? To add a link you simply click on a layer then click on action, then the plus button, add a simple link, add the link, choose whether it’s a jquery or tag link, follow or no follow, and whether or not the link should be opened in a new window or the same window. The place you can add custom jquery code or css is in the slider settings page.

    Does this help?

    If you need more options just let me know exactly what you’re looking for and I can send a screenshot or just post the answer like I did above.

    Plugin Author bradvin


    Foobox works with links (anchor tags) to figure out which image to open when the item is clicked. Slider revolution does not contain anchor tags by default for the images that you add for a slide.

    If you can add a link to the slider with a class of “foobox” and set the href to the full size image then Foobox should pick it up. But I have not tested this.

    If you could setup a test page with a test slider(with the above links added) that I can view, then I can help further

    I can add css classes to a later. Would I just add foobox as the class name?

    I don’t know about changing href.

    Plugin Author bradvin


    As I mentioned before, FooBox works off anchor tags. It uses the href of the anchor to load the image in the lightbox. The “foobox” class on the anchor tells FooBox to bind to the particular anchor.

    I found this article which can probably be customized to work with FooBox:

    But it I do not own Slider Revolution so I cannot test this

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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