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  • Suddenly my Foo Galleries won’t load properly on any page. The theme I’m using is Cohen. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? I’m not a developer, so might need very specific instructions if anyone can help. I tried changing themes to the Twentyfifteen one and the galleries worked again, but that threw the entire look of my site out. I’d rather not have to redo the whole thing if it can be avoided.
    My site is

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  • Plugin Support Adam W. Warner


    The first thing to try is deactivating any plugins you’ve recently installed.

    Second, try deactivating ALL your plugins except FooGallery and see if the issue goes away. If it does, then reactivate one by one until you find the culprit.

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it didn’t help. I deactivated every plugin except FooGallery and the problem was still there. Any suggestions about what else I can try?

    I changed the gallery template to ‘responsive image’ instead of ‘simple portfolio’ and it kind of works some of the time now, though none of the border, spacing, hover effect or icon hover options work, but at least the images load (sometimes). It’s a stop gap solution until I see if it can be made to work, but for my purposes I really need the caption underneath.

    Plugin Support Adam W. Warner


    It’s really very strange that it would work intermittently. If none of the plugin deactivations did the trick, my hunch is that there is still something interfering with the FooGallery styles being loaded on that page properly.

    Can you create a staging or local environment with a fresh WP install and use only FooGallery and a default WP theme?

    I have a feeling autoptimize can cause this but after clearing cache, turning off it still doesn’t work again. The urls are correct, you inspect the page and the images are there but the loading symbol shows infinitely and the thumbnails appear grayed out in firebug. Odd this just started a couple of months back. Most sites I had Foo gallery on started doing this so I ditched it and went back to default WordPress galleries, that said I do have clients that like the plugin.

    Hi Guy’s,

    Can I ask if we’re all using Chrome as our development browser?

    Look like this may be a Chrome issue rather than the Foo Gallery plugin, tested my site in Safari and Firefox and Foo Galleries are working as normal?

    Please can you test this on your sites.


    Plugin Author bradvin


    @one3rdnerd, can you share a test page with a foogallery on it, so I can inspect and see what the problem might be?


    I do primarily use Chrome, but tested my site in IE and Firefox on a couple of different computers and it wasn’t working in either of those.

    I’ve just come back to the site after a hiatus and decided to try a different gallery plugin, so installed NextGen. The weird thing was that as soon as I activated NextGen my Foo Galleries started working again! Unfortunately it did something really odd to the MailChimp plugin (the form fields suddenly got HUGE, about 15 lines long instead of 1) so I deactivated it. The form went back to normal and the Foo Galleries stopped working again.

    So now I’m in the process of redoing the galleries in Photo Gallery, which isn’t as nice but it works and doesn’t seem to have created any other problems.

    I am having am having a similar problem to the one described by KathPux 4 months ago. Please can someone help. The Foo-Galleries that I have running on my site load intermittently. I will have to do a refresh of the screen to get them to load. Sometimes I only see what looks to be a progressbar instead of the Gallery display. The other issue is when the gallery does display the images are stacked right against each other; then when doing a refresh the image space out how they should with the correct border et al

    The URL is :

    Please get back to me as a matter of urgency

    Not sure if you need my WP credentials

    Plugin Author bradvin



    I looked at the page
    And the galleries seem to be loading fine.

    Can you provide a URL where they are not working?

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