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  • hi there, this issue is with the site for a while and users are no longer able to accept it. the album loading is extremely slow and even not usable, here is the page , i checked the image that each is only 7k, it looks it loads all images of album.
    can you pls advise how to fine-tune it? thank you very much

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  • Plugin Author bradvin


    hi there,

    I had a look at your page and there are a few issues I can see:

    1) You are loading 7 albums on the page, with over 20 galleries, with over 900 images. The large amount of images loading on your page, is causing your site to do over 1000 server requests when the page loads, which will cause your page to load very slowly. I recommend you not use the stack album, and rather use the other album template.

    2) Looking at the developer tools console, there are hundreds of 404 requests to images. I am not sure why these are occurring, but this is the main reason for the slow performance.

    I recommend you find out what is causing the 404 errors and change your album template. That should then sort out your issues.

    hi bradvin,
    thank you for your support! the album extension is very limited, i tried responsive template layout, but it is still almost not working.

    do you have any album template suggestion? the requirement for the site is very simple, when user clicks on the gallery, they can see different albums, and click each album they can see list of photos.
    i used to have nextgen gallery, though the UX is not good as foo gallery (I really love your UX), but it performs good. currently I cannot find a solution on foo gallery to fulfill this simple request. do i miss something? Please suggest
    thank you very much

    Plugin Author bradvin


    hi @felixghy,

    There are only the 2 album options at this time. For your requirement, I suggest the following:

    1) Change all your albums to use the Responsive Album Template, not the Stack template.

    2) Create a page for each of your 7 albums. And insert the album shortcode on each of the pages.

    3) Create a new gallery (NOT album) that will represent the 7 albums. So add an image from each of the albums to this gallery.

    4) Under thumbnail settings for the gallery, set the Link to Custom URL and then for each image in the gallery, set the custom URL to point to the album pages you created in step 2.

    There are still 404 errors popping up, and I am not sure why. An example :

    hi bradvin, thank you very much for your information. Unfortunately, this image gallery will be very dynamic and the user will update the image very frequently. this process will make them in trouble.

    I would consider switch to nextgen, would you please advise if there is a quick way to export images from foo gallery to nextgen (with album info)? thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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