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  • Hi – This is my site –

    Thanks once again for your previous answer and the free version of this theme.

    On the site (see above) you will notice that Special Polish Characters are not displayed correctly all the time. I say this because sometimes it does.

    For example look at the title “zdjęcia” (about half way down) the “ę” is HUGE – Then look below this “Wasza Wysokość miarka wzrostu” see how the “ść” are clearly bigger than the non-special characters. Now look at the sentence below “Idealny sposób aby dokumentować rozwój dziecka i
    przy okazji dowiedzieć się jakiś faktów lub ciekawostek.” – All is OK here, special characters are displayed as they should.

    Perhaps the above is specific only to “Headings” or something, I am guessing, I am not technical – All I can say is that I have tried all 4 different fonts provided and none of them work as they should in relation to Special Characters.

    Really hope you can help here once again.

    Thanks in advance.

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