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  • I know zero about php, and only slightly more about CSS and xhtml. Your advice will be appreciated.

    Are there any hidden html or CSS codes (like the < h2> in the wp_get_links() tag) that would override the theme’s CSS fonts declarations? And is the < h2> in wp_get_links() tag the only html pre-formatting I can expect to occur outside of a themes’ templates?

    I’m modifying the “classic” (not Kubrick) theme to work with an existing site’s CSS. It’s a fluid layout, completely sized in “ems” for all non-MSIE (PC) browsers, and it has an alternative fixed width, bug-hacked separate CSS for PC MSIE. The CSS is stripped down to be super fast loading.

    In total there are 3 CSS files: the main site’s CSS, the main site’s IE only CSS, and the classic theme’s CSS with all font sizes changed to ems or % and stripped of CSS already declared in the main site’s CSS.

    For example, the fonts are so tiny they’re illegible despite the “all ems” CSS; it’s as if someone sized them in 6-8 pt. Dragging everything except the theme under construction out of the blog’s directory doesn’t change the sizes. It looks like something else is overriding the CSS.

    This isn’t live on the web anywhere, it’s a local test copy on OS X.

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  • I’m still trying to get font sizing correct. Any ideas?

    Maybe what you’re seeing is relative font-sizes in nested elements stacking up (or sizing down rather). If you have nested lists (as the default sidebar has) then if ul has a font-size of 0.8 em, then a second level nested list will have a font-size of 0.8 em of 0.8 em.

    I shall study that and see if that’s part of the problem. Thanks for the reply.

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