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  • It appears over the last couple weeks the fonts in the posts are shrinking. They are not the size of the original post when the post was made. What could be the problems that would cause this? I have tried editing the font size in the theme but has not worked in site
    P Ambrose
    AM Fresh

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  • I have a possibly related issue, so in the interest of not initiating another one-off post I’ll add a description of my problem here. After posting last night without issue to my site, I noticed that the most recent post had disappeared other than a line down the right hand margin (which, it turns out, actually links to the photo embedded in that post. Looking a little further down the page I noted that the font size of all my other posts had shrunken drastically and the padding between lines completely gone.

    Unless I was too heavily into the red wine, I have no recollection of doing anything to my site to precipitate these changes. To clarify, I wasn’t on the site at all between posting and viewing successfully and then returning to the site to see it rendering as described above.

    I’ll make the following notes:

    – no one else has my password, i.e. to be responsible for the changes
    – I posted that most recent post via Posterous, but not the others
    – I’ve viewed the problem on both my circa-2007 iMac and 2009 MacBook, both running up-to-date Firefox; I’ve also viewed the page, with the same issue, on Safari
    – the problem only appears to exist on the home page; individual pages, e.g., the mysteriously missing latest post, seem to render just fine
    – having read about other (possibly) similar issues over on the forum, I ensured I have no unclosed tags
    – and, yes, I feel like a rookie idiot

    Many thanks in advance for anyone able to help out.


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