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    I changed the font via the tool and saved it, but after the page refreshes, it keeps reverting back to a completely different font (always the same one). I’m fairly new at this stuff, but I remember changing some font settings in my theme editor (in the code). Is there any way I can revert back to my original file? Or fix this one?



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  • I actually do have the very same problem.
    This would be such a great plugin but obviously some theme options are overwriting what the plugin is doing…
    I’m using EvolvePro.
    Please SUPPORT!

    Plugin Author killerdeveloper


    Hi guys,
    are you creating a preset for each selection? I’m pretty sure that you’re using “Pick element” button and this way overwrite current selection. Sorry for not creating this in more intuitive way but in latest version there’s a warning before overwriting.

    Also update your plugins to the latest version it adds support of WOFF files so fonts are now working in all browsers.

    best regards,

    Hi Pawel

    Not sure if my problem is a plugin problem or a webserver setting problem. I have the lastest version of FONT 5.25. Everything works up until the point I save. It reverts back to the old Font (times new roman looking one) but keeps the colour change. Thanks, Dave



    These are the very potential problems I have been afraid of. I downloaded the plugin and activated it, but having been a chicken, I have not used it. I am also new and would not want to mess up my theme or be stuck with a font I don’t like. Here are a couple questions in addition to the above.

    Sorry, if I am asking questions that make you “sigh.” Descriptions and instruction are not clear to me, a newbie, at all what this plugin does . . .



    1. Once you change a font on one page, would it change all pages? Even if it is the header of a post (content, not the header of the page)?
    2. How can I make sure I can change it back to the original font?

    If it is too confusing, I will start a new thread. So Ignore me or tell me so.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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