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    I upgraded a development server version of WordPress 3.8 to 3.9 beta 2. After the updates on 2014-03-25, it appears the css fonts from the theme are being over-ridden. The sidebar, menus, and posts are now changed from Sans to Serif fonts.

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  • Adding a bit of information, the theme is twenty fourteen with my own child theme. I use this theme on my live sites, and it works great.

    Fonts in what? The front end of the site or the wp-admin dashboard?

    Sorry, have to get used to giving complete information again. The front-end, I believe it is. The part of the website that users would normally see.

    And, if I recall correctly, probably not the right forum for this issue?

    Well it depends on if the issue is your theme or core WP 🙂

    Adding a bit of information, the theme is twenty fourteen with my own child theme.

    That’s probably an issue with how your theme is changing the fonts. The font SHOULD be Lato, sans-serif, when you use TwentyFourteen.

    Also missing: Which theme is this issue appearing with? Or is it only the global admin UI on the frontend side, ie. the Admin Toolbar, that is getting the beating?

    cu, w0lf.

    w0lf – Please don’t sign your posts 🙂 He answered some of that.

    Theme: “twenty fourteen with my own child theme”

    Getting beaten: “sidebar, menus, and posts are now changed”

    Theme is twenty fourteen with my own child theme. I changed the fonts in style.css to font-family: Liberation, sans-serif;

    That should produce sans-serif fonts, not serif. The fonts in sidebar, menu, headers, footer, and posts have all changed to serif fonts. firebug does not show any unusual changes to css, it tells me the font is sans-serif. The fonts in admin have not changed, and are sans-serif. My websites all use the same fonts, and work well, as seen in .

    One big thing about Child Themes? Your CSS only has to have what you’re replacing 🙂 Yours has the whole thing!

    That said, when I look at your site, I see “font-family: Liberation, sans-serif;” and it’s applying and LOOKS sans-serif to me. Can you screenshot what you’re seeing?

    You are seeing the actual website, using wordpress 3.8. That is not using the beta2 code, because it is not a development site. The beta2 site uses the same child theme, though. Here is a screenshot of that development website:

    Since I made no changes other than upgrading to the nightly beta2 code, my childtheme has not been changed.

    Okay, so I can’t reproduce that on Trunk. I took your CSS and used the latest SVN and it’s all loading fine and displaying fine for me.

    I will then mark this closed, and keep working it on my own end. Perhaps it is something in my own setup causing it, and I just need to track it down. Thank you very much for your time. I do appreciate it.

    I automatically upgraded to 3.9 on both my sites and now I do not have the ability to change my font size -when I go to post a blog. this is distressing. Anyone help please. I contacted my host server and they could not help.

    What I found was that I had added a cache plugin. Removing it did not remove the changes it had made to .htaccess. After I removed those changes, I was able to change fonts.

    If you are still having this issue, I would suggest opening a new discussion, since this one is closed.



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    3.9 is no longer in beta. If you have problems version 3.9, please post in

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