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  • This is a very intermittent issue (which I absolutely hate), but on one of the peoples laptops in the office, the heading type fonts won’t visually display, but will when they refresh their browser. They run a Mac and are using Google Chrome. At first I was thinking it could be from the plugin I’m running that allows you to customize the font for the headings and such called ‘WordPress Font Uploader Free’ generating the uploaded font EngaversGothic BT. But tried deactivating the plugin so that the fonts generate in the default font for the theme, tested it out again and out of the roughly 100 times of pulling the site up, I got it to do this three or four times. This issue has also happened once on another persons machine here at the office and once on my machine at home (all in the Chrome browser).

    Any other ideas what’s causing this and what else I could check? I’ve addressed this with the theme developer and they said it’s likely being caused from a customization I’ve done to the site and suggested I install the default theme and test it (which I will do).

    The website is and below are two screen shots I captured of their screen during one of the few times this occurs.

    Thank you.

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  • Notice that on this page I’m working on, once loaded up in Chrome, the title doesn’t show up and I scrolled down and neither does the headings for my widgets in the footer area (all of which use the Engravers Gothic font generated by that WordPress font uploader plugin). The interesting part is notice that neither do the fonts in the WordPress admin dashboard shortcut bar across the top and that obviously isn’t the website itself, but rather part of WordPress itself. Could this possibly be a Chrome issue?

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