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    New to WordPress and Qubely was installed with Blocksy. Playing on localhost using Bitnami 5.8.2 & posted similar questions on Qubley forum.
    1) Saved Block Crashes when re-used in same page (I sorta got around it by converting to standard block.
    2) Typography is not carried over from screen wordpress or theme. Not sure if its this plugin or Blocksy, but appears to be this plugin due to Gutenberg display
    3) reCaptcha did not read from WPForms. Why do I need it in this plugin?
    4) is there a way to hover over a block item to see what it does? Feels like a lot of trial ant test …
    5) color only allows for RGB (again, not carried over) and I have HEX. After playing with a new setting, it allows me to fix it with a HEX value
    6) Qubely blocks do not show up in “appearance–>customize” areas
    7) display does not update when modifying widgets

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  • Hey @elsid1

    I’m not entirely sure we can help you too much from our end for this one. Most of these questions are related to third party plugins, but I’ll try to address what I have knowledge about.

    1. This is definitely not a Blocksy issue. Blocksy does not affect the backend of WordPress, because it is a theme. A theme does not have the ability to do this.

    2. Not entirely sure about this one, but if you select your fonts inside the Customiser -> Typography section, they should be carried over automatically on the front end, unless you have overwritten them using Qubely’s font settings.

    3. Sorry, cannot answer this question. Better to ask the guys from WPForms.

    4. Yes, the Gutenberg Editor has some sort of preview feature if you hover over some of their blocks. This preview feature might be enhanced or not used at all by third party plugins — it is totally up to their developers (for example, I know for sure that Stackable has this preview feature).

    5. Not sure about this question. Colours do carry over from the customiser as long as you do not overwrite them with Qubely. This is normal behaviour and will happen with any other theme out there.

    6. This is completely normal. The Customiser does not control the Gutenberg plugins.

    7. Can you get back to us with a little bit more detail on this one? Are you speaking of the Customiser view? Also, considering you’re running on localhost, please double check every piece of JavaScript is correctly served to your browser.

    Hope this clears up things a bit.


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    Hey @elsid1

    A little reminder about this :). Are you able to get back to us with the necessary details, so we can further explain?


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