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    Font Awesome 5.0 free was released today. I have been messing around with what it would look like if/when jsDelivr starts distributing the new version through their API. It looks like it would result in some broken functionality for this plugin and some missing/broken icons for users.

    I submitted a new version of this plugin today that will limit the maximum version of FontAwesome loaded to the latest 4.x version. This will allow for some time while I figure out how to best support FontAwesome 5.x in this plugin.

    I have a lot of reading up on 5.x to do, and with the holidays approaching, I am not sure when I will get into it all.

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  • Differ


    It would be great if you made another plugin( or Pro version ) with support ACF Pro and Font-Awesome Pro, I would happily buy it, ty.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hi differ,

    This plugin does already support ACF Pro. Font Awesome 5 (free and pro) is another story. It is something I do want to support, but I haven’t come up with a strategy to do so yet. Work and personal life have both been pretty crazy so far in 2018 so I haven’t had a chance to look at it in much depth yet, but hopefully things will slow down and I can circle back to it.

    hy matt,

    first of all thanks for your effort on this plugin! i guess it would be best to offer some kind of “switch”, where users can switch to v5 if they are sure to have adapted their code… and also switch back when they see that something broke 😉

    but you made a good decision to stop distribution first and develop a solid solution. take every time you need 🙂


    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hello Everyone,

    I have a v3.0 beta of this plugin that I’ve been working on. This new version adds support for FontAwesome 5.x Free icons (no pro yet).

    I am looking for beta testers; both people who want to use the FA 5 icon set, and also people who plan to stay on 4.x that can test for any backwards compatibility issues.

    Reply here if you are able to be a tester.


    Matt Keys

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    V3.0.0 beta is available, please see the post here if you are interested in becoming a tester: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/v3-0-0-beta-testers-needed/

    Here is a dirty dropin for FA5 Pro:


    How to use:

    * go to your font awesome account and download the latest pro (5.0.12 atm)
    * find the file fontawesome-pro-5.0.12/advanced-options/metadata/icons.yml
    * add the icons.yml and the gist as a plugin/mu-plugin to your installation
    * go to https://fontawesome.com/get-started/web-fonts-with-css select “pro”, add a URL, copy and paste the <link> tag into the php file

    * This will only get it working in the admin. You’ll still have to take care of the frontend yourself.
    * You’ll have to have PHP 7.0+

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    I have only tried this with version 3.0.0-beta1 of the plugin!

    Plugin Author Matt Keys



    I commend you on trying to do this, however, I think it is far more complicated than just switching it out. I say this because I’ve been working on how to use V5 in a theme. The issue is that there are many other plugins our there that that are all using FA V4. The shim provided by FA does not correct all of the issues that replacing FA with V% using JS SVG. Trying to use 4 and 5 together breaks things equally as well. I’ve also found that trying to remove V4 completely as impossible because of the non standard ways that plugins enqueue it. for example, in the footer.

    I’d be interested in knowing how you work out any of these problems.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys



    I am not sure if your comments are for me or Alex? I do have a second beta out of this plugin which adds support for FA5 if you haven’t tried that yet. It sounds like you are running into conflicts with other themes/plugins that are also enqueuing FA.

    Personally if I were running a site that already made use of FA4 icons I think I would stick with FA4. And use FA5 on new sites going forward. Migrating from one to another is going to require a fair bit of updating existing icon selections.

    Hey Matt, my comment were for you. I am currently trying to develop a new theme and use FA5. The issues I’m running into is the fact that I use a fair number of “standard” plugins when I build sites for clients. Several of these plugin use FA4. I have a choice of either abandoning all plugins that use FA4 or abandoning the use of FA5 in the theme.

    I happened on this conversation while searching for possible solutions.

    Let’s say that you do update to using FA5, then I would need to abandon using this plugin, which I have used if I keep the plugins that use FA4.

    Some of the plugins I simply cannot build a site without, and there is no indication from them that they plan to upgrade. I imagine that they are thinking of similar issues.

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    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Okay I hear what you are saying. You should know that I have no intention to drop support for FA4.

    FA4 will remain enabled by default for anyone upgrading from a previous version of this plugin to the latest version. They can decide to enable FA5 if they choose, or continue using the plugin as normal.

    New installations will have FA5 enabled by default, however they can choose to switch back to FA4 if they’d like.

    Some of the plugins I simply cannot build a site without, and there is no indication from them that they plan to upgrade. I imagine that they are thinking of similar issues.

    Yea I’ve looked for examples on how other plugins have handled FA5 and FA5 Pro, but all I found were people thinking about it, no solutions yet.

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    An admin setting for the FA version is a perfect solution, and I’m glad you’re going that route. Thanks for the info.

    Seems a difficult issue to solve. For now, I’ll choose to use FA5 but not the pro version until this is fixed.

    Any progress so far?

    kind regards,

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    @twentyfourdegrees, I’m not sure what issue your comment is in response to?

    There is a beta out for FA5 that allows users to switch back and forth between FA4/5 in an admin settings area. Let me know if you try out the beta how it works for you.

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