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  1. ePubDaily
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Help guys. I'm tweaking my theme and I just can't get the bold to display properly throughout the blog.

    I want the font weight to be normal (no bold).

    On the main index page it works fine. On the Pages page it works fine. It's the single post page that it's all screwy.

    The theme didn't have a single post page and I copied one over and cut n' paste the code - so all 3 files (index/page/single) are pretty much the same.

    I've triple checked the css and now I'm pulling my hair out. ;-)

    Any ideas.

    BTW, it displays perfectly in IE6 - but I need it to work in FF as 80% of my readers use FF.

  2. Michael Bishop

    Posted 9 years ago #

    link would help

    Also check the template for any unclosed <strong> tags.

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