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  • Can someone explain to me how are font sizes handled in WP? I did a search on font sizes, and most of the info are about changing the font-size: values in the css file. But what if you just want to make a certain word bigger than the others, how is that correctly done? Making the text bold is good but what if you really want to make it twice as big as the normal text on the same page?

    Messing around with the Pages, I found a <h2>Title</h2> code would make the word Title bigger, but I can only have one size in a page, which is a bit confusing. Can someone clarified how that code works and why is it limited to just one size per page?

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  • you can add font-size for h2 in css

    h2 {font-size:17px; color:black}

    what’s ur website? easy to check the page and make css from that

    Yeah letting us see your website would help, but for most themes they use em’s by setting the default font size to 10px (16px x 62.5%)

    What exactly does the <h2> code do? Is there h1, h3, h4, or h5? I rather not change the CSS if there’s another way to increase the font size. Can you put “h2 {font-size:17px; color:black}” directly into a page? AS I siad in the first post, I don’t want to globally increase all the text size in the page, just certain words only.

    This is my blog site:

    Also cam_oai, what gallery plugin are you using for your site?

    First off, is there any reason you have your page loaded up in a frame? It’d be much more effective if you used a subdomain redirect.

    As for what a h2 is, it’s a level 2 heading, basically a title tag for your posts and stuff. It’d be much easier, more valid, and more semantically correct to change the css to increase font sizes.

    But if you still don’t want to play around with your css, open up index.php and add

    style="font-size: 1.1em;"

    to your title tag, on the anchor tag (inside the h2, on the a tag)

    I’m still confused here. Let me make an example. Suppose I have a page, and here’s the content in the page:
    ——- start ——–
    Google News

    Senate presses for change in policy on Iraq
    Providence Journal (subscription) – 2 hours ago
    By JOHN E. MULLIGAN WASHINGTON – The Senate reopened the emotional debate on the war …

    Dozens killed as troops storm Red Mosque
    Independent – 42 minutes ago
    By Zarar Khan, AP Pakistani army commandos stormed Islamabad’s Red Mosque compound today…

    Economy in Gaza edges toward crisis
    International Herald Tribune – 10 hours ago – By Steven Erlanger and Isabel Kershner JERUSALEM: In the month since Hamas took over Gaza, routing Fatah forces there, …

    ——- end ——–
    Now how do I make the text in bold a larger font size than the rest, lets say twice the size? Even harder, what if I want the Google News to be even bigger than the other bold texts, is it impossible?

    my gallery is a hacked falbum plugin. here is the code from your site:

    <div class="calborder">
    			        	<div class="cal">
                                                    <span class="cald cald2">Jun</span>
                                                    <span class="calm">30</span>
                                                    <span class="caly">2007</span>
                                            <h3 id="post-43"><a href="" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent Link to 12 Year old Norwegian Guitarist">12 Year old Norwegian Guitarist</a></h3>
                                            <small>Posted by: kevin in <a href="" title="View all posts in Videos" rel="category tag">Videos</a>  </small>

    it’s a <h3> you should add a h3 properties in css.

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