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    I have a menu in the Top Bar, but the font size is so tiny. I figured out how to change the font size in other menus, but not the Top Bar menu. Any help?

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  • Theme Author Kadence Themes


    Just add this to the custom css box in the theme options panel:

    .topbarmenu ul li a {
    font-size: 14px;

    Hope that helps
    Kadence Themes

    Oh my, I think one day you’re going to reach through the screen and wring my neck, Kadence Themes!

    In an effort do change the font size, I took your advice, but I couldn’t find the spot to add this. (

    Feeling overly confident, I changed the font-size:12 to font-size:14. Obviously that didn’t work and gave me code above the top bar. I went back in and changed the number back to 12 but I made it worse. Then I tried copying and pasting the code below, and I have new code above the top bar.

    $font_primary_menu = ‘#nav-main ul.sf-menu a {font-size:12px; font-weight:normal; line-height:20px;}’;
    }if(!empty($smof_data[‘font_secondary_menu’])) {
    $font_secondary_menu = ‘#nav-second ul.sf-menu a {font-size:’ . $smof_data[‘font_secondary_menu’][‘size’]. ‘; font-weight:’ . $smof_data[‘font_secondary_menu’][‘style’]. ‘; line-height:’ . $smof_data[‘font_secondary_menu’][‘height’]. ‘; color:’ . $smof_data[‘font_secondary_menu’][‘color’]. ‘;}’;
    } else {
    $font_secondary_menu = ‘#nav-second ul.sf-menu a {font-size:18px; font-weight:normal; line-height:22px;}’;

    //Basic Styling

    A follow up…

    This is what I get when I try to update:
    ]. .$primaryrgb[0].])) { $menu_margin_bottom =
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/erinstal/public_html/wp-content/themes/virtue/lib/custom-css.php:305) in /home/erinstal/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 875


    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    So you don’t need to edit any of the files to do what I said above.

    Inside the admin go to appearance >> theme options >> advanced settings

    You will see a text box labeled as Custom CSS
    Put the code there.

    Now to fix whatever you did in the file custom-css.php.
    Download the theme again, copy everything in custom-css.php and paste that into your custom-css.php file on your server.

    Kadence Themes

    And this is what I now get when I open up my site:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/erinstal/public_html/wp-content/themes/virtue/lib/custom-css.php on line 93

    No dashboard, just a white screen saying I should give up. I think this is the time that I promise never, ever to touch the coding again.

    Just let me know where to send the Christmas ham….

    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    You are going to need to ftp access your site now. Send me an email at with your ftp information and I’ll update it for you.

    Or access it yourself and do what I suggested above.

    Kadence Themes

    Oh good lord, Ben, you are definitely going to have to do this for me. I’m scared to touch it! 🙂

    Kadence Themes gets a standing ovation from me today.

    Hey there,

    Any way to have the topbar on the web larger and the mobile the default size?


    Theme Author Kadence Themes


    You could just use a media query like this:

    @media (min-width: 940px) {
    .topbarmenu ul li a {font-size: 14px;}

    Kadence Themes

    This guy is AWESOME!!

    Not only does he know his theme, he personally backs it too!

    Definite donation coming your way!

    Thx again,


    How can I change the font color of the top bar menu (secondary menu) please?

    I just found an older post where you supplied the necessary css code
    .topbarmenu ul li a {
    color: #FFFFFF;
    – so all is well – thanks anyway!

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