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    I am using the default theme.

    I noticed that my fonts appear to be very small in Internet Explorer and very large in Firefox……at the same resolution.

    Is there an easy way to get the font to be a decent size in each without shoving a javascript into my header to do browser detection and pick between two style sheets?

    Thanks in advance for any info


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  • Did you check that your browser’s setting (font size) are not over-writing the blog’s settings? Normally in the default the font size should be pretty much the same in FF and IE.



    I had the minimum font size cranked up in my firefox at home ( the browser I develop on ). I’ll check at work to see what fonts my IE and FF have.

    I noticed in FF it has an option to let the site do what it wants in terms of colors. Is there a similar option for letting the site do what it wants in terms of font size?

    What would be a good default font size to make the best of it for IE and FF users alike?

    It’s always good to do font sizes in em’s rather than px or pt. If you use px or pt, IE won’t resize the font if people need to see larger (or smaller) text. Your default font size (set in the body tag of the CSS file) should always be set at 100%. Then you can change the size in your p tags (or whatever) as you see fit. Normally, I use 82%. Then the fonts can be resized at the end user’s discretion.

    I’m not sure what you mean about “do what you want in terms of colors” – but in Forefox, to change your base font size, you just need to hold down the “CTRL” button, and then hit the “+” or “-” key. “CTRL+0” resets it to the default size set by the stylesheet.

    Moshu is correct though – IE and Firefox generally show font sizes the same way…so if FF is huge for you, it must be your browser setting.

    Don’t forget, people also accidentally change their font size all the time without being aware they’ve done so until they font shows up really huge or really tiny. I get clients that complain about this all the time, until I show them that they’ve accidentally messed with their browser settings. Happens *a lot* in IE – where if you have a scroll wheel in your mouse, all you have to to do right-click and scroll, and the font size changes.

    Out of interest, is sizing the text ‘small’ any better?

    I mean to say, is it the ‘same’ as ems inasmuch as it gives a standard size to font?

    I’ll be honest, I’ve not really investigated ems, but have used them because you see it a lot in css and I suppose I’ve just followed the crowd.

    Guess I’ll read up more on ems, but is using ‘small’ and all the rest of the css mark ups like medium and large and largex and so on – ok?

    I wouldn’t say it’s NOT okay to use it – but you can get more specific with em’s.

    Like if you have a font that you want just a *tad* bit tinier, you can style it as “font-size:0.85em” and it’ll actually shrink down just a tad bit. That’s why I like using them. But really, *any* font size that is flexible is always much better than using something that’s fixed and unchangeable 🙂

    I had the same issue.

    Using this my fonts were different sizes in IE versus firefox.
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN”>

    with this .9em was the same in both browsers.
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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