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  • Occasionally I want to footnote a post, and I’d like to make the size of the footnote smaller than the main text. I’ve tried to use the font tag like this: [font size=”-2″]Footnote[/font]. Of course those would be GT/LT signs rather than braces. That doesn’t take.

    Am I correct in assuming I have to do something with the style sheet to allow me to do this? How hard might it be?

    See, for example, today’s post at The photo caption would ideally be in a smaller font to identify the maker of the map.

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  • Hi Linkmeister,

    after seeing your link, seems what you will need is a caption.

    Here the steps:
    1. edit your post
    2. click on your image, then 2 icons will be displayed. click on ‘edit image’
    3. at caption field, you can put your ‘foot note’ there

    shinjing, thanks a lot. That works for photos, and I’ve done it (you can see the result at the linked post above). It looks like I should do that when I’m inserting media into a post rather than after the fact.

    For something entered as text like an ordinary footnote there would be no “image” to edit, though, so the question remains for that sort of data.

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