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  • hi.. i did see A LOT of threads with font size problems.
    But i’ve not been to able find a solution..

    my site is @

    can a kind soul tell me how/where to change my fonts for my blog entries?

    the font size for all other sections are ok

    thanks so much!

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  • You have this in your styleshett:
    p {
    line-height: 1.25em;
    font-size: 2.2em;}

    Edit that 2.2 to something less, e.g. 1em or .8em …

    .entry p {

    put that at the BOTTOM of your css file.

    Damn I’m getting sloooow 🙂

    Hi , sorry maybe my Question is a little bit like this one but i tried to do the same but i got nothing changed

    i need my page/page fonts to be larger than the one i have how can i do it ?

    “For those who previously bookmarked, you were directed to some ulu sembawang site over the week.”
    that text is controlled by
    .entry p {

    so if you want it larger, make the .8 into .9, or 1 or 1.2 etc

    .entry p {

    where i can find that line ! its not in stylesheet !

    Add it 🙂

    But put it at the bottom !

    Hi Again,

    i have another problem with my font, im trying now a new theme but the font in the theme is very small .. and i need to make it a little bit larger , i was trying to find where is the Font size for it but with no result .. any idea ?

    1) you control this in the style sheet
    2) look at one of your pages in a browser
    3) view source and find the bit of code that surrounds the text content you want to control
    4) what is the tag? (eg. ? or <h2>?
    5) does the tag have something like <p class=”post”> or <p class=”entry”>?

    6) if so, look in your style sheet for .entry or .post
    7) what is the font-size? em? px?
    8) modify to suit
    9) if you are editing via ftp, then upload the newly edited style sheet. If from the admin screens (templates), save the changes
    10) view site and refresh the page. did it change?

    It is NOT a good idea to just add more rules at the bottom of the page. Between cascade, inheritance and specificity, you could get wildly varied results, particularly if

    a) the font size is set in em lengths and
    b) the xhtml is writing <br/> instead of


    Good day, i’ve tried this command with my new theme but its not working though

    any idea how to enlarge my fonts in the new theme

    (Alpine Theme)


    It seems you have this problem with every new theme you are installing on your blog.
    There might be some wierd setup in your browser that you always see small fonts.

    On the other hand: you either learn some basic CSS if you want to mess around with the CSS files… or stick to one theme that is working for you.

    i’ve tried everything to change the font but still nothing happend

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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