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  • HELP!!!
    I am trying to start up a blog and am so lost i think i may just give up..
    I have no idea about coding, html. css, nothing.
    Wordpress is supposed to be simple, but it sooo isn’t!
    I have a theme, scrappy, i have my own domain, and hosting. So thats all done.
    I just cannot figure out how to:
    A. change my font in my post.
    B. bring it all into line. (in the visual it all looks ok, but when you view the page its all miles apart and look silly…
    C. alternate the size of the words.
    Why is it just not like when you write in word???
    I still have no idea on the diffrence between categories, pages etc, but I’ll leave that for another time.
    If I can just sort this for now???
    Help please someone….

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    If you already got this far, you’re on the right track — good job. Now you’ll need to do some homework because there is a lot of new stuff to learn at the beginning — this is a good starting place:

    There is also lots of great info about how to use WP out there on the web — including YouTube videos.



    Unless your theme has options for font and such, you’ll have to edit the CSS to change these properties.

    Writing on the web isn’t like writing in Word, because we’re concerned with standards here. Content (what you say) should be separated from style (how it looks), so that each can be reused in different contexts.

    Word produces truly awful markup around your text, which you just can usually avoid seeing since what you write in Word usually stays in Word.

    Content on the web has to be stored in databases, pulled into feeds, excerpted, restyled, archived, backlined, etc. Each use has different styling requirements, so we just can’t bind fonts, colors, and spacing directly to what we type. That’s the short explanation for why writing in WP isn’t ‘just like Word’. =)

    I know that doesn’t make it any easier for you, so unless you want to check out the Codex and learn a bit of CSS (, you may just have to pick a new theme or hire someone to help you.

    Some themes can do a lot without knowing CSS, such as Atahualpa or Canvas.

    Thanks for my reply…
    So to change my font in my posts, it has to be done in CSS, not HTML, is that right??
    and can anyone tell me where i alter how not to have such a large gap between each sentence?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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