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  • Same as above this is a problem, I have to choose a colour available then go to the code to add the exact colour I need. This is a problem when working with client colours that have to be exact.

    Also there needs to be the ability to add swatches so every page can select a saved colour. Now wordpress forgets the colour you add and you have to add in it each time. Very annoying when you need a specific link colour different to theme settings.

    Great plugin otherwise.


    Same problem here. My client needs to be able to choose custom font color in hexadecimal.

    Thanks a lot ! 🙂

    Same problem here!
    I need to choose my own font color and i want to return the font sizes in px.
    Please fix it!


    Yes, I have been facing the same problem too. That, the ‘More colors‘ option has been disappeared both from ‘Text color‘ and ‘Background color‘ buttons.

    Please fix it as my client fully relies on editing the colors using those buttons.

    Thanks in advance.

    About to add font size in px this solution works for new version of tinymce

    Also i dont understand where to add this code…

    @mkaterina77, the code seems to be put in the functions.php file in the your site’s currently active theme directory.

    By the way, I still see no news from Andrew when the ‘More colors’ option going to be added into ‘Font color’ and ‘Background color’ buttons 🙁

    I,m having the same problem. No button to change font color.
    I have tried with a bright new fresch installation with no plugins.
    Default theme twenty fourteen.
    So this is not a plugin problem and not related to Tiny MCE
    I´m sure the wordpress support people are working with this but I can´t se this on the Master List or maybe I´ve just not found it. If so please give me a link to this Master List Post or add it there so we can se that you are not just ignoring this.


    Can you tell me what new add the new version 4.02; We have said many times in this topic that what we need to return the option more colors in text color picker and to add the px option in font size. I cant work with font size pt.
    Only two things we want!
    Can anyone know any other plugin with those two options?

    Help!!! Please put back the custom colors!!! I only use 3 colors. I use black, purple, and green. I need my custon green and purple back! I have been copying and pasting old text with those colors then re-doing the linking. Please put it back.

    Other than that, the plugin is fabulous!!!

    I found this plugin that brings back the more color choices for text in WP 3.9
    TinyMCE Color Picker

    Hope this helps others.

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give it a try.

    I agree with all above, please bring back the custom font color button.

    Okay guys, I have the solution 🙂

    – For the color picker, add the TinyMCE Color Picker plugin.

    – For all the other things TinyMCE 4.0+ and WordPress 3.9+ related : Click here !

    Enjoy !

    Great work Dobbydoo!!! Thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    How to add the Font Sizes and Font Family buttons (per the original request):

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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