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font-resizer plugin isnt working in IE8 (13 posts)

  1. the1path
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi, Im using Font-Resizer Version 1.1.4 | By cubetech.ch

    It works perfectly in every other browser but Not IE8 (and probably other IE's).

    The links produced that resize the text dont seem to be actual links in IE (so the mouse doesnt chnage and is displayed as just normal text)

    Has anyone encountered this?

    Any help greatly appreciated!!



  2. MACscr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    lol, how did you not see my post about this before you posted yours?



  3. the1path
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I take it you have not found a solution to this yourself? I just dont get it!

    Ah well maybe have to do it strictly PHP and cut out the js!

  4. Davidsdesk
    Posted 6 years ago #


  5. Micah Cooksey

    Posted 6 years ago #

    @Davidsdesk, rather than bumping someone else's question, start a new topic.

  6. MACscr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @micahcooksey, why start a new topic if he has the exact same concern? That seems a bit nuts.

    the1path: unfortunately I have been distracted with a few other projects, so i havent been able to look into this issue yet. Would be nice if the author would just fix it. =P Though im not sure how he didnt see the issue pop up earlier since IE8 has been out awhile now.

  7. Micah Cooksey

    Posted 6 years ago #

    A little bit of bad judgement on my part. It's just that there is a problem with people not knowing how to start a new topic and posting their unrelated questions on someone else's topic. But, obviously, that's not the case here. My apologies :)

  8. Micah Cooksey

    Posted 6 years ago #

  9. MACscr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Have you tried
    http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jquery-font-resizer/screenshots/ ?

    No, but according to the author, it doesnt work

  10. MACscr
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Not as friendly, but i got this to work fine with all the major browsers:


  11. Micah Cooksey

    Posted 6 years ago #

    Good. Just a note, because a plugin says it works up to x version of WP, that doesn't mean it won't work with later versions. It might not, but then it might, so it's worth a try :)

  12. RobertHarm
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Try to make a conditional comment which excludes the display of the font-resizer only from IE8:

    <![if !IE 8]>
    <?php if(function_exists('fontResizer_place')) { fontResizer_place(); } ?>

    Not a fine solution but better than not working on IE8 at all

  13. Christoph S. Ackermann
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Sorry again for the late answer :)
    There was a javascript error. This error touched only Internet Explorer and is fixed in the version 1.1.5.

    Cheers Chris

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