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[Resolved] Font rendering delayed

  • Hello,

    I am using the Gommero theme for roughly half a year and everything is pretty good so far. Unfortunately, the rendered fonts (the menu, h1 and h2, the widget titles and so on) started to behave strange lately. It takes about one second for them to be displayed correctly and so, there is a very present gap between the moment when the page is being displayed until it is displayed correctly. The problems occured in various browser and different operation systems. I tried disabling some plugins, WP Supercache for example, but it didn’t help.

    See for yourself: http://www.tilmanbremer.de

    Is this a known problem? Do you have any hints for me

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  • Okay, I was able to solve my problem. Might sound stupid, but updating did the trick. I am always very careful when updating themes, even though I put a lot of efford in “styling around the style.css” to not make my settings get deleted in an update, i am only updating when I have the time to fix possible problems… so I was a little bit behind with the updates but didn’t thought of it beeing a problem. Turns out, it was all I needed to do.

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