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  • I have two problems:

    1) My POSTS use to be a different font from what they are right now. The last upgrade with WordPress knocked out those fonts and I’d like to restore them. I have a screen capture of what it use to look like too.

    2) The words that made up my PAGES area were in the white area just after my logo to the left of the screen. Now the words for each PAGE not only does not appear in that white area with the home page, but when you change the pages, the words are there but they are showing just below the white area at the top of the page. You can barely read them, let alone know they are there. I need them back into the white area.

    Maybe this is a CSS problem, but I’m not very good at CSS and troubleshooting something like this. Can anyone help me fix these two bugs? Otherwise there rest of the website appears to be working just fine.

    Here is the URL to my website so you can see what I’m talking about given I can’t upload a screen capture to this post.

    Kevin F. Montague

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  • Theme font usage is a theme issue, not a WordPress core issue. WordPress 4.6 did change the way admin uses fonts, but not the front end and not with themes; read Your theme may have some sort of conflict with the lack of Google fonts for the admin area.

    But you’re using a premium/paid theme not supported in these forums. It’s best to go to the support site where you bought the theme for help with customizations and issues. You paid for support when you bought the theme, so you should contact the people who sold you the theme.

    These forums are for free themes available in the WordPress theme directory at See

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks you for responding. The very first thing I did 2 1/2 months ago was contact the tech support division of GVO who hosts my website. They have hosted me for 3 years now and usually the guys are very good about fixing things like this, but for some reason I got the run around in the past 2 1/2 months. I’ve tried posting this before on the forum, but got no support and so I just dumped all of this on the doorstep of the GVO tech support asking them to read what you wrote telling them I did just what you said in the past 2 1/2 months. They have a long ticket thread capturing all my talks with them as I got the run around by them which is not the norm with them usually. Normally, the guys are amicable in helping me out.

    I did get a response from one fellow who is going to check into the problem with their tech support to see if he can fix the one font problem, but there is still the issue with the font displacement with the PAGES area.

    I told them to read your message to me with the hope it might kick them in the seat of the pants and help me out after 2 1/2 months. Otherwise I notice no glitches with the website as a whole after the WordPress 4.6 upgrade.

    If someone else posts to this troubleshooting issue, I’ll be glad to hear what they have to say too as I want this fixed so I don’t have to think about it anymore. You are right and given I paid for the blog, I should get what it was advertised to look like and perform as for my money.

    Again thanks for chiming in.

    Your webhost may help, but I’m not talking about your webhost. I’m talking about your theme; it has nothing to do with your host. You may pay them for hosting, but the theme is entirely different from hosting costs.

    Well, then the guys at tech support with the hosting were not clear enough on explaining to me what to do.

    Anyway, this fellow Raul says he is going to look into it and I gave him the log in information to see if he can correct the code issues for now. They have addressed this issue before I might add, which is why I asked them to check it again, because they are a bright bunch of young guys. I’m 60 and these guys are in their early 30’s. There is too much to learn with all this stuff and I have my hands full building the online business I’ve been working the past three years to delve into all of this stuff. That is why tech support is so important in this world of ours. There simply is too much to know and I’m not looking to complete with God’s position in the Universe, let alone have to do all this stuff by myself as one man.

    Anyway, thanks for clarifying that some more. Let’s see what this fellow at GVO can do to clear up the problem for me and also if anyone else chimes in to this post so I can learn what I can at this hour so I can get this cleared up and just keep moving forward.

    Again thanks.

    Good that you have some help.

    FYI, it’s not a good idea to respond to work offers from random forum users who have read about your issues. We don’t allow job postings or job solicitations in these forums.

    What work offers?

    Also, how can you tell who created a particular theme? I’m looking inside my blog right now to see more about what you taught me and I was thinking if I could find who made the theme, maybe they might have an upgrade to the theme? I’ve not seen an upgrade to this particular theme since I started using it 3 years ago, although I do see upgrades come in for themes being supplied through the services the website is tied into as far as theme offerings are concerned.

    Maybe someone also has an update to this theme I’m using? Mine as well try to find out I figure.

    You should be talking to the support staff at Elegant Themes. They are the one’s who developed the theme.

    That is listed at the bottom of your home page in the footer…

    “Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress”

    That was my first point; your theme is by Elegant Themes. I looked in your page source to see that you’re using Estore from Elegant Themes. They probably have an update; you’ll need to buy it again.

    Oops never mind, I just found the name. I’ll have a talk with them as I notice they have a chat line where I can get some questions answered finally. Thanks for the clarification on all of this. I appreciate the help.

    ….meaning I knew you gave me the name, but I was trying to figure out how you knew? (chuckling)

    After upgrading all sites do not work.
    PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in ——–/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3511

    Hi vivapage, you seem to have a different issue entirely, you should start your own thread. More likely to get help that way.

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