• I am new to wordpress and already experiencing issues, i am having problems with the mini-browser function. For example I installed the ‘font’ plugin that only requires you hit the ‘F’ icon in the editor, but a message on the right hand side of the screen appears saying ‘please wait until browser is ready’ and shows the spinning loading type symbol, but this stays like that and never responds. Any help or answers would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Does anyone know if there is a problem with this plugin or what the problem might be if not

    Well I just discovered this same problem. With a bit of digging I found that his pluginscripts.js file makes several calls to files hosted on his site (his site is the var “base url”)… and right now his site is suspended by Host Monstor.

    This is causing every instance where I’ve applied his fonts to my pages to no longer be working.

    Ggrrrrrr… time to switch back to Google Font plugin – they’ve recently added several new fonts so now there are many more choices to work with.

    Ah I see, thanks for the reply. At least now I know what the problem was. Again thanks for this answer.

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