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  • For post titles and navigation links I’m using century gothic, and for my post text I’m using georgia. Century gothic works just fine when viewing my website via a computer, but on my iPad the font is reverting to georgia. I’m not sure how to fix this problem.

    I’m also noticing a partial border on the page-nav links at the bottom of my website (the bird images). This again doesn’t show up on a computer. These problems seem to be unique to a mobile browser (Safari).


    Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  • P.S. Century gothic should be a universal font on pretty much all computers and recognized by all browsers. This seems to be an issue with how a mobile browser renders fonts. I have tried silly things like capitalizing century gothic or writing it with quote marks like this: ‘Century Gothic’ … as written in my CSS file. Ugh. Thanks for any feedback.

    Is there someone available who can respond to my question? My blog design is very basic, but the mobile browsers aren’t capturing the correct font in my CSS for my post titles, page-nav number links at the bottom, and the navigation links at the top right. I’m really not sure how to address this problem and would welcome some input.

    Thank you.

    Hello MainMoose,
    I encountered a similar issue recently. I believe this is because Century Gothic, while included on most Windows machines and Macs, is not part of the default installation on Apple’s iPhone/iPad operating system.

    After looking into this, I think that Futura is the closest font for iPad/iPhone in terms of style. If you stack it after century gothic (i.e. font-family: century gothic, futura, sans serif; etc. in your .css file you should get something that looks closer to the original.

    Good luck!

    Thanks so much for your reply. After some of my own research and wading through a ton of things I didn’t understand, I finally determined the same thing. Sadly, IOS doesn’t recognize Century Gothic, which is too bad since it’s such a great font. I’ve decided to switch back to Google Fonts. I was concerned about it slowing things down, but my site is going to be really light on bells and whistles, so hopefully this won’t be a problem. But thanks again for your reply. It sure is difficult getting a response in this forum.

    I’m having a similar issue, MainMoose. Century Gothic is amazing! So did you wind up going with Google Fonts? I’m trying to figure out what to do with my nav bar situation 🙁



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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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