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    I am using OMGF more than one week and installed properly, but when i loading my website its taking more than 45 Request and taking some sec to update font (as a Visitor). First loading default font then Site’s font (Poppins).
    Check My Site: All Indian DJs Drive

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Sorry for the late reply!

    What you are experiencing is FOUT, or Flash Of Unstyled Text. 🙂

    FOUT can be fixed by fixing the loading order of CSS files and/or preloading font files. I see a lot of CSS being loaded, before the actual fonts are loaded.

    You can try loading the actual font files using the preload checkboxes in OMGF’s Optimized Fonts Manager section.

    While this might speed it up a little, I still think you need to do something about the ~500KB of CSS being loaded, before the actual font-faces are loaded. I think you need to contact Nitro CDN about that.

    @daanvandenbergh What priority do you add to the wp_head? Seeing this on most sites. And contirbute to CLS, might be to no fallback font? But other preloaded css files etc might be injected before in many cases.

    Maybe a compatbility with popular plugins like wp asset clean up, wp rocket etc would be doable to make sure you inject your preload at a higher priority.

    I even inline your css file for it to faster render and prevent FOUT.

    Plugin Author Daan van den Bergh



    Sorry for not getting back to you. OMGF and OMGF Pro work differently in this aspect:

    – OMGF injects the stylesheet at the same place where the theme originally loads it,
    – OMGF Pro merges all stylesheets and inject the new stylesheet directly into the head.

    I’m currently working on optimizing both, though. And yes, I’m also testing it with popular optimization plugins, to make sure their settings don’t interfere. Preloaded fonts/files should always load before stylesheets.

    Thanks for notifying me btw!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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