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    Hi everyone, or maybe Frenchstatic could give me hand too..

    I checked on a PC a site I just built (Using a Child Theme of Coeur). The display is ok on a mac (i work with an iMac), ok on mobile phones too.
    But on a PC (Windows7) the font display is messy.
    The font family mentioned in the Css is sans-serif (Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, Sans-Serif) but the browser (Firefox for Windows) displays the “Times New Roman” font( which is a serif font actually) for the main nav. menu and the H1, H2 etc…
    If Helvetica Neue is not available it should be at least Arial which is common to every different Os.
    Is there something I can do to force PC browsers to display the right Font Family (sans-serif)?
    It seems to be an issue of the “Coeur Theme” because when checking the site with other themes it is ok.
    I worked a lot on customizations for this site cause I love this theme, and I wish all this time will not be lost! (Sorry I can’t provide a link. The site is not yet online).
    Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Fixed it!
    By adding !important to the font-family in my Child theme Css:

    h1, .h1, h3, .h3, h4, .h4, h5, .h5, h6, .h6 {
    font-family: "Helvetica Neue", "ralewayregular", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !important;}

    This has been enough to force PC browsers to use the Raleway font (uploaded with @fontface), as a substitute for “Helvetica neue” which is not free, but provided but default on Mac computers only.

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