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  • Hi
    I recently uploaded the Bueno theme from woothemes – everything seems to be working well, but I cannot seem to change the fonts for the blog title, sidebar headers, etc.

    When the page initially loads my change fonts appear, but then it switches back to the default. I’m wondering if it is something called cufon that is a part of the theme – I’ve read a little about it today trying to figure this out, but I cannot seem to fix the issue.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi Jeanette,
    Wow, that was a head-scratcher. I found Georgia and Arial fonts in the CSS, but finally realized that the Cufon is adding an external font to the proceedings. I’m guessing that somewhere in the theme code (all the stuff called inside <HEAD>) there’s Javascript code generating that font on the fly, and if that’s true, CSS will not override it by design. One giveaway is that some of the CSS tells the browser to put the actual text WAY off the page.

    So sorry, no fix to offer other than suggest digging into the Javascript code. Not my idea of a good time, and very off-topic.

    I actually love that theme’s look just the way it is. Of course, when I love it, clients often don’t like it at all. 🙂

    Good luck, Dave

    Thanks – bizarre right? I know my way around CSS pretty well (or so I thought) and I messed with this forever today thinking I was just missing something….

    It’s not a deal breaker – I’m not in love with the font, but really wish I could easily change it (at least on the sidebar) it just seems so thick and clunky….

    I don’t know javascript at all though – so if anyone else has any input I gladly welcome it!



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    make a backup copy of your theme files before editing
    if you want to get rid of the cufon:
    edit header.php and delete

    <script type="text/javascript">
    		Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3', { fontFamily: 'ChunkFive' });

    that should solve the problem.

    Thank you SO much – that worked!

    Hi – I’m new to wordpress & this forum and can’t work out where to post a new thread.
    But I also have a Bueno theme question – so hope this is okay to post here?
    I want to remove the white space between the header and the frame line in the Pages box. Even though I have tried reducing the padding in the stylesheet – nothing is changing.
    Any help with the css would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance, Lynn

    my site is:

    @phoenixdoula: Hi! =)
    I juste checked you blog and is amazing! i have Bueno also and i love the pluggings that you have!
    I’m super newbie when it comes to this, but can you tell whitch pluggings you have??
    I will REALLY apreciate your help.thank you =)
    have a great day!!

    Thankyou alchymyth!

    I’m not a big javascript guy and had no idea what was changing my heading styles ’till i stumbled across this post. Those headings on pages/posts with a lot of images to load were flashing 2 different styles on me (I’m guessing a document.ready thing) and it was driving me nuts!

    Bueno is really awesome theme, but I’m starting to reach my limits with just editing the custom.css file, –Cufon font replacement for example! I think it may be time to create a child-theme so I can update one day without losing all my tweaks.

    Thanks again.

    HI i installed Bueno on it works fine here. May be you are missing or deleted some code in your header.php.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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