• Hey guys,
    I just wanted to write a brief review regarding this plugin. I DO NOT write reviews, but was moved to, by the creator of this little gem. Pawel has done a wonderful job creating a plugin that helps to make your site, more than just a “blog”.
    I pride myself on content, but always knew that there was a little something “lacking” in the “POP” department. I think that the ingenuity Pawel possessed in seeing a need and fulling it for those of us that are “serious” about what we “do” (as serious as “I” can be about a “comdey” site, anyway) speaks volumes about what this plugin contributes to the WordPress community.
    On a side note, I also wanted to say, that I had a few initial “hiccups” when installing the plugin and Pawel has been in constant contact with me “personally” to resolve the issue, from the very onset. There are literally ZERO other plugin authors that have done that, in all of my 5 years of running a site.

    So check out the plugin…He is offering a really great service and if you pass it up, you’re missing out.



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