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  • Today I got a comment on my website on a post that I had soliciting feedback. This very kind person gave me some advice regarding fonts and asked why I was using Times New Roman, which I’m not, so I said that. So the kind person sent me two screen shots that look like I am indeed using Times New Roman and informed me that they have my font installed.

    So if they have my font installed, I don’t see what the problem would be. Even if they didn’t I’ve listed plenty of common fonts for back-ups and none of them include Times New Roman.
    Here’s what I have:

    Font-family: “Trebuchet MS”, “Tahoma”, “Verdana”, “Arial”, “Helvetica”, “Sans Serif”;

    I did a search for “font different on other computers” but just found info about relative font sizes, bad styles sheets, etc. I didn’t find a similar situation and everything looks fine on my computer.

    1) So does anyone else see Times New Roman (or another font besides Trebuchet MS when they go there or is this a bizarre fluke?

    2) What would be a good solution to this kind of problem?

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  • 1. Looks good to me in several browsers. No Times font.
    2. Tell the guy he’s wrong and to stop bugging you <smile>

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    (@otto42) Admin

    Doesn’t look like “Times” per se, but it’s definitely a serif’d font on some bits there…

    Link to screenshot

    This is using Firefox on a very basic Windows install, no extra fonts or anything (my Work PC).

    You are having errors in your CSS file:

    font: 75% font-family: "Trebuchet MS", "Tahoma", "Verdana", "Arial", "Helvetica", "Sans Serif";
    Replace “font: 75%” with “font-size: 75%;”. Note the semicolon at the end of it, which is missing in your CSS file.
    Also, AFAIK is “Sans Serif” not correct, you need a dash “sans-serif” between the 2 words.

    Thank you so much!

    I have implemented your suggestions.

    You’re welcome. However, you should validate your CSS, e.g. by using

    There are weird things in your css file, e.g. xbackground-color. That is not valid and can cause unexpected errors in various browsers. If you do not want a rule being applied, use comments (/* This is a comment */).

    Yeah, I put the x’s there because I read (on the website of the author of my theme – that if you’re not sure about making a change permanently you can x it out. Maybe I should try the comment thing you mentioned next time.

    And you’re absolutely right – I do need to validate my css. I hadn’t thought about that.

    Great tips.

    I was able to get it to display Times New Roman…. but by going into my options and forcing the browser to use MY fonts, and not allowing the site to pick the font. First thing I’d check is the browser to make sure that they aren’t overriding your fonts.


    Well this person acted very surprised when I told them that I was not using Times New Roman and insisted that it wasn’t because of them, so maybe I should go validate my css right away. It was fine on my computer too, so I don’t know what the problem is, but apparently it’s not happening for very many people.

    In fact, I asked for feedback on this forum a couple of days ago, got about 70 hits coming from that thread, and no one suggested that the font was strange. I’d even asked if the font was readable, so they should have been paying attention to it.

    This is starting to make me kind of suspicious actually.

    Font was serif when you first posted. Before I could reply, I saw you had some good comments. I’ve since been back and now it is sans-serif, so I’d say you’re on the right track.

    Okay so there’s something to this then.
    Thank you all for being so helpful.

    Yes, sans-serif is the fall-back font in CSS if a user does not have any of the used fonts installed. I believe that the missing dash in the css and the missing semicolon in the “font” rule caused that Times New Roman was used. And now as it is fixed in the css file, nobody should complain about the font anymore 🙂
    And as TechGnome has stated, we need to consider that visitors could have changed the default font in their browsers which makes it even more difficult to find the cause…

    Wow. I got so many errors and warnings that my head started spinning. I don’t even understand what most of that stuff is.

    Do you mean the validator? Do not consider the warnings, IMHO there is no need to consider warnings like …bla…You have no background-color with your color…bla…
    However, the errors should be removed.

    Okay, if I ignore the warnings then it’s not so bad. Most of them looked exactly like what you just said.

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