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  • Hey all,

    My blog site is all formatted nicely on the first page but when you click on “Next Page” the formatting on the sidebar goes all whacky. Some increases in size and text weight while on the following pages it goes into italics.

    Can anyone direct me to the right place to edit this to maintain a consistent appearance?



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  • I’m not familiar with WordPress 2.0.7, but it sounds like you’ve got some unclosed divs or style elements.

    The going into italics, for example, could be caused simply by a post that doesn’t has an <em> or <i>, without the necessary </em> or </i> later in the post. I’m pretty sure current versions of WordPress try to safeguard against this problem, but I can’t speak for the one you’re using.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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