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  • I think the only what that would happen, is if you have customized the “default” theme without renaming it properly first, or hadn’t bothered to save a backup copy after you customized it. The default theme gets overwritten during an upgrade. Every time.

    I didnt do any upgrade, I didn’t customized anything : I just installed the plugin, activated it and changed the default permalinks as advised. And all the site got spoiled.

    Yeah…. Thank you for pointlessly parroting what I redacted after seeing the “digressit” tag in your post, and suddenly realizing that my suggestion to you would be 100% completely and totally worthless. 🙂

    Sometimes providing clear and concise details in the body of your post will yield a more satisfactory result in the answers you receive. Sorry I didn’t have anything helpful I could say say about the plugin. Good luck!

    I am not sure what you try to say by that : “Thank you for pointlessly parroting what I redacted after seeing t..” : I am not english but I think I get the general point..

    So I will answer in my own language : “Il est toujours plus facile de voir la paille dans l’oeil de son voisin que la poutre qu’il y a dans le sien.” 😉


    PS : And by the way, I repeated your message because it doesn’t appear on the site.. A..

    : And by the way, I repeated your message because it doesn’t appear on the site..

    That is exactly what I meant. It does not appear because I removed it. I removed it because it would have been worthless and confusing to you. It seemed very pointless for you to re-post it after I removed it. That is all I meant by my comment.

    Best wishes!

    And how I was supposed to know that.. Reading my crystal balls ?

    One does not need a crystal ball to understand that I removed my comment for a reason. Why you would re-post what I had removed, by copying and pasting from an email notification, or your rss feed, is beyond my understanding. But that’s okay. I really don’t need to understand.

    I have made it clear more than once, that I made a mistake in understanding what you were asking. That is why I removed my first suggestion to you.

    Just to be perfectly clear, I wish you no ill will, I have said I made a mistake, and I have said that I was sorry that I had no help to offer you relative to the “digressit” plugin. I’m not sure what more you desire. I did choose (until now) to ignore the remark you made in your own language… But simply because I am rarely of a mind to assign any significance to, or contemplate the intent behind any randomly regurgitated concepts of scripture from strangers. Not even in my own language… But I understand the sentiment.

    Once again, best wishes, good luck, and I hope you will now spend your time seeking an actual answer to your questions, rather than returning to this nonsense.

    Be well.

    Ah.. Now that you made your apologies very clear : I understand.
    And I can, now, wish you the best as well : non sense comes often from misunderstanding. 😉

    And.. “You see, we get to know each other !” Captain Kirk, Star Trek 2009.. 😉

    Be well.. as well.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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