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  • I am trying to change the font color for a search returning no results. The gray color disappears in the background. I was able to change css for search that produced a result (.search-page-title,.archive-page-title{) but this does not change the font color for a search that returns no result.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I don’t have a solution for you, but I would say that this is a level of detail that seems negligible. Perhaps, you’d do better with your time to focus on content, and let ephemera like this fall to the wayside.

    1. Who’s coming to your site?
    2. Who’d going to actually use the “search” function
    3. How much energy is an empty result for that cohort worth expending?

    I wish you best of luck with your site, and with your theme editing.

    The following CSS should work for you

    .search-no-results .site-main .page-title, .search-no-results .site-main .page-content {
        color: white;


    Would you have a configuration off CSS for changing the “Header Text Color”, for some reason having a problem of it being stuck in default of White. I was wanting to change it to code #dde01a

    I change the code in customizing>colors>Header text Code

    then click publish and it shows that the change is excepted, but when I go back and view website it is still in white not the goldish color?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    Try this:
    .site-title {
    color: #dde01a;

    Thank you, thank you, thank you I know it was a minor thing but it was bugging the crap out of me. I think the header looks so much better now thankyou.

    I have one other issue and am wondering if you can help me resolve it also. When I put text over a link (as in a hidden link) the text is slightly lighter, not by much, and I was wonder how do I go about changing that color as well. the color code that I was hoping to use is #2dcb70, because when you hoover over the text it changes to red which is my accent color, but I want the text to appear normally as a green (the color code).

    I would greatly appreciate that additional css coding as well, and thank you for your time that you have you have given me in both of my very minor issues.


    You mean the link’s text color to change to that green tone of yours? (Not the alt-text that comes up above your link?)
    If so you would need – if it should work on all links:

    font-color:  #2dcb70;

    If you want to address only specific links you could define a class:

    font-color:  #2dcb70;

    and then call that class in your a-tag as
    <a class="special-hover-color" href...>

    That should do the trick.

    Good luck

    Lille Ulven

    I’m not sure if you understood my request or not.

    The alt text (I guess that’s what its called) is normally a lighter color than the normal text I want that to appear as the green normally, then when hovered over it turns red (I have no problem with that change). I want to change the text color to green before it is hovered over and changes to red.

    Thank you for your time or this issue of mine I do appreciate it greatly!!


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    a {
    color: #2dcb70;

    The above will change the text before it is visited. After it is visited the text color will change again.
    Change the color code below to what you want after it is visited. If you don’t want the underline replace that word with none

    a:visited {
    color: #78909c;
    text-decoration: underline;

    Hi Gold,

    That did not work I am inserting the first code in the “additional CSS” is that the right place to do that or do I have to insert that code in html section “Code Editor” for each post/page?

    Thanks for the response I do appreciate this help!


    I must apologize it is working! It does not show correctly in the WP editor but when I went to the site incognito the alt text shows green!

    Thank you again for all your help with these issues I do appreciate it. If there is anything I can do to so my appreciation just holler!


    A helpful hint: If you use Chrome you can put your mouse over a part of a page, rt. click and select inspect. A side window will pop up telling you what the css for that part of the page is. You can copy and paste to your custom css and make your changes easily.
    Example:!AprLqazOGs-1ga45dI4q4O1Ya97cDw I hovered over Events Calendar on the left, right clicked and chose Inspect. The right side screen popped up showing the CSS for Events Calendar. If I were to copy a {
    color: #00a526;
    } and paste into my custom css and change the color to something different it would overide what I have in there now.

    It is easy enough, just be sure you have a backup of your site!

    Hey Gold,

    Oh Okay thanks a lot for that helpful hint on finding the code with in the spreadsheet (I think that’s what its called)

    Sorry I am completely new to the whole coding and that part of websites.

    I do appreciate the helpful hints and all the help you have provided to me

    Thank you for your time,


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