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  1. Anonymous
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    So every post on my blog is the same besides the very last post, which has an arial font.

    Whenever I try and bring in the default wordpress font into word it just automatically converts it into Times New Roman - if I could figure out the name of the default wordpress font though (i tried to find it in the html, wasn't there) I could then change all my posts to the wordpress font in Microsoft word and my problem would be fixed.

    Help please!!

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  3. tsguitar
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    Look at your stylesheet (probably style.css in your theme folder) because that's where styles -- like fonts and margins and colors -- are declared; your theme uses Verdana. But just so you know, when you paste something from a Web site into Word and paste things from Word into WordPress, these are the kinds of problems you run into. Pasting back and forth causes trouble like this. It looks like when you type your posts, you're typing in things like <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-indent: 0.5in; text-align: left;"> (that's code Word generates) and <span style="font-family: Arial;">. Are you pasting that in? If you want to avoid this trouble, you should just copy and paste text from your Word document; it looks like you're clicking on "Save as Web page" in Word and copying and pasting all that.

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