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  • Roy Tanck


    I’m using WordPress as the backend to a site that’s not really a blog. I find it to be a brilliant solution for sites that do not need a high end CMS, especially because it’s easy to work with.
    In one of those sites I’d like to use forms within posts. I know I can code a form right into the text input area, but how about validation? PHP code in a post will be displayed rather than executed, right? Is there any way to do validation within a WP post? POSTing stuff to index.php will probably screw up navigation, right?
    Any thoughts appreciated.

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  • carthik


    There are a few plugins that enable you to have php code in posts executed, though it is not recommended if you are going to let others write articles on your blog (you probably already realize the security risk in that).
    So get the plugin, and start including forms, or magic, in your posts.
    Searching google for such a plugin would be a good way to go 😉

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