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    As I see the topics are closed, I need some guidance on making the MAMP and WordPress work.

    1. Here’s what I trying to do. I need to build 3 simple sites.
    I am not going the multisite route so I will download wordpress for each one as suggested in another post.

    2. MAMP installed fine (I guess). Both mySQL and Apache green lights. I wasn’t asked for passwords or anything. Great.

    3. Under Step 3, I created the new database. It is unclear, however, whether I need to create a separate database for each site; I named the database one of the URL (nickname) of one of the sites. The example in this Step, says “wordpress,” but I am assuming that I would want to create each separate database for each site ie “SITEthis” and Sitethat” so they would all be separate. Hence three separate databases, yes or no? Wouldn’t things get a little weird if I simply called the database “WordPress” and had 3 separate sites living there (as you can see, the database thing totally throws me).

    4. Step 4: As suggested in this step, I changed the document root name from the default, Applications/MAMP/htdocs and followed the suggestion to change to /users/myusername/sites/thenameoftheurl. After nothing happened, I realized (duh!) I needed to create the folder first; I create a folder, which is still empty as I’m not sure what to do next.

    And now the apache light is red vs, green in MAMP.

    So, we’re at the end of step 4:

    5. Now, I can drag the wordpress files into it to complete step 4.
    But I do not understand where to “visit my localhost:port or localhost:port/wordpress” to enter the database setup form. Or, should it be localhost:port/thenameoftheurl? Is this with MAMP?

    6. And I can run the famous 5 minute install, I guess, though I’ve already spent over an hour and a half to this point. Guess, once you get it though, it is only a five minute install. Though, that is scaring me because I’ve read it over and it looks like there is a lot of coding stuff re: the database I need to know what I’m doing, in order to simply use wordpress to create my magnificant website(s)!

    So,if someone can tell me if I’m doing this right so far, that would be great.

    I am not a developer or programming or anything. I want to take advantage of the “easy” wordpress open source system, download three themes for three websites and build them for my family and friends. Then, upload via FTP.

    Thanks so much.

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  • I actually left this, came back and it all appears to be working. However, now I need to find out how to create and work on another site.

    I am having the same problem, and have done the same things.

    This seems like a simple question: “How does one install, access, and develop 2 or more sites on localhost?”

    I can’t find an answer. Have you figured it out?

    The only thing I can think of, and I haven’t tried it yet as I am working on just one at the moment, is that each time you launch MAMP, you change the root directory to the name of the other website. There is an install for multisites but it looked WAY to confusing so I didn’t try that. If you set up each site correctly, then I am thinking you can work on each one separately (not at the same time) by changing the document root in MAMP when you run the localhost.

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