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  • Hello anybody:
    I followed 2fargon’s post on how to change folders without screwing anything up (I had a test folder, and wanted to commit to a new folder):
    <Before you rename the directory, login as admin and change the following settings in the admin interface (Options -> General ) :
    WordPress address (URI):
    Blog address (URI):
    Once you have done that, it is safe to rename the folder.>
    Unfortunately, the instructions are wrong. After changing the admin interface settings, the browser looked to change something in the new folder which I hadn’t re-named yet. So I just ignored the “can’t find folder” error, and re-named the folder anyway. Then it was a vicious circle of re-naming folders and admin preferences. My original page, from the original location, now has NO FORMATTING. I put in so much work already! How can I save what I did already? I do have an old folder locally with the original settings in it, but replacing the .index and wp-layout files did nothing.
    BTW, the old folder is:
    and I want it to be re-named
    (which has old stuff on it)

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It wants to find this file:
    but it doesn’t exist – I get a 404 for it.

    No, you’re interested in:

    dyniss, Hi! To start with, have you yet renamed the directory. It does not look like you havse, since both blog and blogtest are around, still.
    The reason you should change the options before renaming the folder is because otherwise wordpress will not work with the renamed folder.
    Do you want to keep what is in blog the way it is? If you do, then you obviously cannot have the blog there 🙂
    What is now being displayed at /blog/ is an index.html file.
    There are no php files at all in /blog/ so the wordpress blog has not been moved!

    Renaming a directory means taking “blogtest”, the directory on your server, and changing it’s name to “blog”, so that “blogtest” no longer exists, only “blog” does.
    This is accomplished in UNIX/LINUX/BSD systems by the command
    mv blogtest blog
    I hope it is clearer now.

    Thanks 2fargon, my constant re-naming of the folder — “the vicious circle” — wasn’t working. I seem to have not “sent” the many folder re-namings to the server. Duh. I did it again and now it is working. I am pathetic. Please forgive my pathetic ass.
    Anyway, please enjoy the proper formatting…

    Hehe…don’t sweat it. We’ve all been there at some point in time. Glad you got it sorted.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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