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  • Hi,

    I am relatively new to all of this but I already dared to create a child theme of the twentyten theme for my blog. The problem is: Visitors of my blog don’t see the “follow button” that is usually in the bottom right corner. So now I downloaded a follow widget but am not quite happy with it either because I don’t know if it works or not. Can anyone help me with this? I’d love to have that follow button.

    Thanks a lot!

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    child theme of the twentyten theme for my blog

    Strictly speaking, that’s not really a child theme but well done on a creating an independent and attractive theme. 🙂

    So now I downloaded a follow widget but am not quite happy with it

    Can you provide a link to that widget or plugin? As you’ve mentioned, I don’t see it either on your blog. Knowing which one you’ve installed would help us fellow Morning Volunteers 😉 provide some clues to what’s going on.

    I will suggest you the “Follow Plugin”
    This plugin comes with an inbuilt subscription manager also and will add a follow button to the right bottom corner of your blog.
    For clarifications or problems feel free to contact me at my website hppt:// or visit my community discussion forum at

    Feedback is most welcomed

    Actually the follow button is available only available to WordPress.Com users but my “Follow” Plugin inserts a Follow button in WordPress.Org powered sites also
    I you require a customized plugin in any language other than english please contact me at my website.

    Thanks guys for your answers. Ok. First things first: Thanks for the compliments on my “not-really-a-child-theme-theme” 🙂 I have no experience in html whatsoever, so therefore I am pretty proud of my diy-theme (spent an eternity in forums and so on, searching for the codes I needed to get the changes I wanted done).

    I installed and activated this plugin:

    And also the “Subscribe2 widget” Version 1.1 – this one I can actually see on my blog – it offers a subscription form. But the first plugin, I do not even see?? Though it is activated.

    @theadityajain: Tried your plugin, but it did not work! Got a “Fatal error”

    Oh, I forgot to tell you: What I want is exactly what TheAdityaJain offered: the follow button in the bottom right corner, where a visitor can enter his/her mail address and get the new posts via mail. ok, hope, I gave enough clues 😉

    thanks a lot!

    Ok, hi – me again: I tried the plug in from TheAdityaJain again and got further than the first time. I now managed to install the follow plugin, edit the settings (also created a “subscribe” page). But I still do not see the follow button! Sorry for being such a pain in the ass on this.

    One more question: Is there a way to “hide” the “subscribe” page in the top menu?


    @stillesbunt :
    first please deactivate the subscribe2 plugin
    Then deactivate and delete the follow plugin also
    Now reinstall the follow plugin (please do not try to edit the plugin code unless you are not a coding geek)
    Follow the instructions and activate the follow plugin (do not care to the warning if you get any refer to my discussion forum)
    feel free to Contact me if you are still not able to activate it

    Ok. I already had the subscribe2 plugin deactivated. However, now I did it all over again just as you said.

    deleted and reinstalled your plugin.
    got a page “subscribe” and selected it in the plugin settings.
    did not change any of the code of course (clearly am no coding geek 😉
    still don’t see the follow button and now there is no subscription option on my blog whatsoever – except for the subscription page, which I don’t find so elegant in the top menue actually.

    one other question: I am from Austria so most of my blog visitors speak german. can I change the texts displayed in the subscription mails? or is that also considered “changing the code”?

    thanks a lot and by the way – it is 9 am now here in linz so I wish you a good morning.


    well how it is so if you are following all the instructions properly it must work as i have received mail of thanks from 263 peoples who are using this plugin successfully on their websites
    well i will mail you a plugin in german at your ymail email id
    here are two best examples of sites using follow plugin :

    well dont worry as i have written the plugin it is my responsibility to get it work let me see what the problem is
    as it is 4 PM in my country now i request you to give me a day to look into the problem


    Thanks for your detailed reply. Wow, that’s really nice of you to send me a German version – great! sorry to bother you with my problem, but I really tried to install it following your instructions to the letter. Of course I give you a day to look into the problem – since I am the one asking a favor from you, I’ll be happy to wait.

    Thanks a lot for your patience


    I was wondering if there are any news on the follow button?

    thanks a lot!

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