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  • Hi

    I am new to wordpress and am trying to recreate my site on it as i need to move to a cms asap. I would so much appreciate some help with this if anyone has any ideas.

    I have been experimenting with some of the folding menu plugins i have found on the internet such as and i can get it to work but am struggling with the css.

    Basically if you go to my site and look at the black menu in the left hand bar, well thats what i want. The bit i struggle with is I need the Parent category (i.e. home, property investment, saving money) to have a black background and the child category (i.e. about us, about the author) to have a grey background.

    I simply cannot get this to happen no matter what i do with the css. has anyone any ideas as i am pulling my hair out. Is it possible? is there a widget out there to do this? Or should I have a complete redesign of my menu, trouble is i really like it!

    I have toyed with the idea of creatng a static menu for this part of the page and actually pointing to the actual pages and using the ID. Do you think this is my only option?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi,
    It would be useful to see what you have tried by way of css already, but essentially the fold page list plugin will generate a set of nested lists (ul’s), so any style rules need to address that hierarchy. For example:

    ul ul li {…}

    Will address list items that are inside a ul that is itself inside a ul. You may need to get more specific since this will also target list items that are more deeply nested than the rule (on the face of it) suggests, since list items that are 5 levels deep also satisfy the condition that they belong to a list that is inside a list.

    But that’s the general direction to take.

    The example you give though is also using javascript to achieve the visual effects, so exact duplication with css alone won’t be possible.



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