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    Hi There-

    I’m hoping this finds someone who has worked with this plugin enough to help me with some customization as well as settings and folder structure.

    I have a client that has over 20K photo assets using a PHP photo Gallery called Coppermine. In short we want to roll all of the content into a wordpress photo gallery.

    The gallery must support search, custom fields for things like ( Location/base, year, Author etc…)

    Albums must be placed in their own folder structure given the nature of his content so something like this tree below might make sense

    <ul><h2> SITE SECTIONS</h2>
    <li>Air Force</li>
    <li>Department of Defense</li>

    Inside one section of the site say for example Marines he will have about 60-70 albums

    <li>Album 1</li>
    <li>Album 2</li>
    <li>Album 3</li>

    Each section of the site will have a similar structure where albums for each section need to be contained in their own folder structure.

    I have set the site up in multisite to try and parse out some of the overhead that the photos will take up.
    So the way that WordPress structures MultiSites is as follows


    Each number represents a “folder structure” in the wp-content folder. So lets say for example folder 2 is the marines section of the website.

    What I need is something like the following

    <li> 1</li>
    <li>Album 1</li>
    <li> Album 2</li>
    <li> Album 3 </li>
    <li> Etc...</li>
    <li> 4</li>

    All of the images of the albums need to be in their own folder just given the fact that he has 20K assets

    I have tried Next-Gen and it does a good job of the file structure but lacks the ability of search and my client needs search for this gallery. I don’t care if we have to use the tags field for search criteria but I need some field within the album that is searchable via the wordpress search.

    I understand that if you are in the Marines section of the site that it wont be able to search in the airforce galleries but that is actually the preferred method per my client.

    Also, I’m not to fond of the way that WP-Photos plus organizes the page and I’m not sure if I’m just doing something weird in the setup or if its just so overwhelming that I’m not able to comprehend the interface because I’m already overloaded with trying a variety of photo albums.

    Here is a screenshot that I put together of the ideal situation of the page layout and I think WP-Photos plus can do this I’m just not sure where I’m going wrong

    The general layout is something where you go to the Marines section of the website and the landing page you see is all of the albums in that section of the site.

    In theory it would be pagenated so 20 albums at one time?

    When you click on the album it takes you to ONLY that album for you to flip through each image, so Album 1 could have 200-300+ photos in that one album of which again is pagenated. Showing 20 thumbnails at one time?

    Each thumbnail on this page should have a title and an author showing.
    When you click on that image it opens in a light box and you see more detail i.e Tags, Description, base etc… Any fields that I want to show should be shown.

    Lastly, given the nature of the quantity of photos, is there a way for me to upload the folder structure and then key off the file name to do some behind the scenes SQL queries to change titles and descriptions. I have all that rich data from Coppermine, but it appears that when I upload a photo via WP-Photos plus it changes the file name on the server to incremental numbers so I have uploaded images that have specific file names but when I look via FTP they have all changed to an incremental number which is not going to work.

    I’m really hoping that someone has done this because I’m on my last whim here before I change technologies all together.

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  • I’ve managed to set up a basic structure for all of this with an import process.

    Am I using this plugin correctly? What I mean by that is I’m setting up “empty” albums that then have child albums to create I’m referring to as Categories.

    USMC Numbered units (Category/Galleryname) [ CURRENTLY USING EMPTY ALBUMS]
    01-99 (album)

    U.S Navy Submarines (Category)
    SS 1-99 (Album)
    SS 100-199(Album)

    Here is the resulting page

    Here was the code block I used to generate this page.

    [wppa type="album" album="12" align="left"][/wppa]
    [wppa type="album" album="17" align="left"][/wppa]

    Ideally what I want is
    1) A page that has a list of the Categories each with 1 single thumbnail and a description
    Just like this link here
    U.S Navy Submarines
    U.S Marines Numbered units

    2) Once you click on that you would get a list of all the albums within that category. So similar to what I have in my site
    But instead of showing both the Submarines (Thumbnails) AND the numbered units (albums) it would be showing only the albums related to that specific category. not anything else.

    3) For now I have injected Base and Inscription into the “description” field of each image, but my client would still really like to have separate fields for that. I guess what his concern is, is that a lot of these guys are used to the old photo gallery he was using and when they entered a new image they would type that into a field. Is this not possible to do? How hard would it be to add new custom fields there.

    Now that I have a live site (development site) to look at it puts things into perspective for me

    4) Save button when creating an album? I noticed that when I was creating a new album via the album Admin it would say like please wait (53) thats a long time to wait for only entereing a title of an album and a description. I know I found before a save button for when your entering photo level detail that I could activate ( I can’t seem to find that setting anymore)

    5) How do I change the lightbox functionality?
    I see table IV-G has lightbox settings and it is checked but there is no lighbox function going on when I roll over an image once I’m in an album.

    6) Where do I set the dimensions of the thumbnails not on the this page But more or less on the Gallery view I would assume this is controlled via some setting in the tables.

    I’ve gotten over the file structure at this point and will try the tree for now but I’m still very concerned about having to many files within one folder so I will keep pushing forward with the tree .

    I think where the file limitation comes in is we are on a shared hosting plan on a linux box on go-daddy in cpanel. According to them their limitations are 1024 files within one folder. I’m able to view more than that via ftp but I cap out at 9999 files. So if a folder in any one directory had more than those number of folders or files within a given directory it does not display it for me.

    I don’t doubt there are other ways around this but I’m trying my best to figure this out.

    One more thing I’m confused about here edit privilages

    Ive set up a subscriber and Ive given them access to “upload photos” but once I test this an upload and have it checked to say. After upload: Go to the Edit Photos page. It tells me I don’t have sufficient permissions. What is the setting to allow people to enter photo Content i.e Titles descriptions and what not but leave the album settings alone. That seems like there should be a way to do this

    What happened to those photos I’ve uploaded then? This will have to work as we anticipate lots of people being able to upload photos, but not the ability to edit or create new albums

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    You should not worry about the folder structure, it is completely inside wppa, and you should not manually alter or search in it.

    I recently converted a system with 120.000 photos from flat to tree file structure, and it turned out that it did not notecebly improved performance. So the ‘convert to tree structure’ feature is not really needed, but is there only for people that do not trust new os’s and filesystems.

    Back in the 80’s with 16 bit computers, you would have a point to not allow more than 1024 entries in a directory.

    Photo cameras nowadays produce images of 7 to 21 mega pixel, resulting in filesizes of several mb’s, far to big to use on a client screen, so the photos should be downsized to say 768 x 1024 pixels, to get reasonable filsizes to download on the page.

    These are the files in the …/wp-content/uploads/wppa/ folder.
    You should not see the wppa/ folder as a place to hold your photo archive. Maybe next year you want to display them bigger ( say 1024 * 2048 max ).

    In that case you can bulk ftp them up to your wppa depot dir, and run the import/update procedure. You even do not need to know in what album your photos are in this operation.

    An other way is to keep the original files, un-downsized ( i hope you will tick box Table I-A2 to preven the download as decribed above ) and un-watermarked ( so you can revert from any watermark applied during upload or later ).

    This will take some disk-space, but there are more benefits than remaking the slide files later ( larger and/or without watermark etc. ). When a photo is downsized by a php program, the exif and iptc data that may be inside the file will get lost. If you configure the save of exif and iptc data during upload, it will be saved before the image is downsized. Having the sources available will enable you to recuperate the iptc and exif data if you omitted the save initially.

    You can configure saving the source files ( which will be saved in album specific folders ) and the way the files should be maintained when copying or moving photos within wppa in Table IX-H1..4.
    The albums will be named album-[album-id] and will reside in …/wp-content/uploads/wppa-source/ for single site system, and …/wp-content/uploads/wppa-source/blog-[blog-d]/ for multisite installations ( this multi blog spec requires version 5.2.5 ).

    This should make you future-proof feel comfortable, in any case, this is the way it is designed and implemented, and is the way you will have to take or leave.

    I will create a page on this topic – as i have told it already many times before – and place it on the Docs & Demos site.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Cold you pleas be so kind to open a new topic for a new question?

    Enable Uloader edit ( Table VII-C2 ) this generates an front-end Edit link on the description field in the slideshow view. This is the easiest way for uploaders to set/alter name and description.

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