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  • Hi,
    I’m quite new to WordPress but after playing with it for just a few days I’m convinced that I want to convert my entire site over to it.

    When I’m finished my site will be Mostly WordPress with some HTML pages containing content, video, etc. that I just don’t want to plug into WordPress Posts.

    The thing is I want to put all of my content (HTML Pages, video clips, Flash Animations and Audio) INSIDE my WordPress folder. So – where should I put it?
    Could someone please explain to me what the folder structure in this case should look like so I don’t do it wrong?

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  • The whole idea of putting content that is not part of your WordPress site into your WordPress folder scares me a lot. I’ve been around a long time, doing Computing Development and Support more or less full-time since 1971, and it just sounds too easy for someone who knows WordPress to come along, see these other subfolders and get rid of them, thinking they are either junk or, worse yet, signs of a hacking.

    I’m a big fan of this approach:

    If you buy into it, you get WordPress in a folder of its own located in the root, but accessible by just specifying the domain name without a folder specified. Why not put all your non-WordPress-hosted content into another folder, also in the root?

    Here is what your site would look like:
    *wordpressfolder – just over 25 files in here and these 3 subfolders

    There are a few WordPress files in the root, as discussed in the link above. Most notably index.php and .htaccess

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