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  • I have just placed an update to the Fold Page List plugin on the webspaceworks server.

    The new version is 1.0b6[rc3] and I fully expect this to be the final beta before drawing a line under 1.0.

    The recent change is:

    Add support for custom title attributes to be added to the links.

    This requires that a custom tag be added to any page where you want a more helpful title attribute to appear when a visitor mouses over the link.

    wswpg_linkttl is the custom tag to use.

    If present it will be used in preference to the default behaviour. If not used then the default behaviour of using the same text for visible link text and the title attribute will be reverted to.

    Hope this is useful, and would welcome any feedback.

    Best regards


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  • Is it possible to modify this plugin so that on each click only the immediate sub pages are displayed, for example:

    Top level nav:

    – veg
    – fruit
    – meat

    User clicks on fruit, next page displays sub nav

    – apple
    – grape
    – pear
    – banana

    User clicks on apple, next page displays sub nav

    – red delicious
    – cox
    – granny smith

    I know this has been asked before:

    and the solution is possibly to pass the current page id to the ‘child_of’ parameter in the argument list but I cant get it to work.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Hi Michael,

    What you suggest in your final paragraph is the way to do it… passing current page id as child_of will do just what you are seeking to do.

    I’m curious as to how you are trying to do this, because it should work.



    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the reply, I did a wee bit more searching and found what I was looking for, namely the piece of code below. It uses wp_list_pages and passes the current page id to the ‘child_of’ parameter:

    if($wp_query->is_page && !is_home()) {
    $lp_param = “”;
    $lp_param = “title_li=&depth=1&child_of=” .

    Thus giving me the navigation display I required.

    Thanks to adsworth:

    Michael. 8)


    There is a new version of Fold Page List available.

    This is a minor update to include compatability with the polyglot plugin. There are no other changes to the code at this stage.

    Best regards



    This is a brief announcement to say that the current versions of both the Fold_page_list and Fold_category_list plugins appear to be working correctly under beta 2 of WordPress 2

    Best regards



    Fold Page List has been upgraded to version 1.1 and includes new functionality to add full unfolding of groups of related pages, and to add a new class to links to differentiate between normal links, the current page link, and links to the ancestors of the current page. This new class is merely a hook, visual differentiation can only be realised by appropriate styling through the stylesheet.

    Full details of the changes, and a link to the new version, are available from the Fold Page List support page, and it remains compatible with current beta of WP2.

    Best regards


    This update works like a charm.

    Using v1.5.2

    Thank you!

    hi roblgs,

    is it possible to exclude pages with no parent_id and only display hierachy within a single ancestory?

    example: header menu displays parent pages click on a page and the sidebar menu displays all child, grandchild etc pages for that particular page..

    thanks for your efforts so far!

    Hi April19,

    If I understand you correctly then this is what the ‘child_of’ argument is for.

    You would though need two calls, one (which could be to wp_list_pages) with ‘depth’ set to 1 for the main header navigation menu, and the second with ‘depth’ set to zero and ‘child_of’ set to the currently selected main navigation item. setting the optional second parameter to true in order to fully unfold the hierarchy with a single click…

    In fact, you don’t need the wswwpx_fold_page_list plugin to do any of that, unless you want the sub-navigation to be folded… otherwise it’s all doable with just the standard wp_list_pages… you just need two calls to it though to generate the two navigation lists.

    Best regards


    It is indeed possible to have a header menu that displays the parent pages and the sidebar menu that displays all child, grandchild etc pages for that particular page.

    The only problem is that the page name in the header menu then doesn’t keep the page_item current_page_item class.

    Until now I have not found a solution for this, even though this seems to be a much requested feature.

    Okay, the solution for this is to add the class li.current_page_ancestor a, to your stylesheet.

    Is it possible to sort parent pages by menu_order but child pages by post_title?

    If not, could this plugin be modified so that the sort columns could be different? Like:

    sort_column_parent=(something)&sort_column_child=(something else)


    As things stand you would have to treat parent and child menus separately… with different calls to the function.

    If the two menus are presented separately, as would be the case of parent pages being in the masthead and children in the sidebar, that would be a viable option, and doable now with the plugin as it stands.

    If, on the other hand, you still wish to keep parents and children alike in the same integrated (nested) menu, then the plugin would need some modification along the lines you describe.

    Consider it added to the to-do list.

    Best regards



    I had installed fold page plugin. The problem after placing the code in sidebar is as below,

    1. Title “Page” displayed left aligned.
    2. Page list overlaps below content i.e. under Page List -I have got Site Links.

    can anyone advice solution.


    The first problem suggests a css issue, so needs addressing in your stylesheet.

    The second, I’m not sure I completely understand. Can you post a link to the site or a development page where the problem can be seen first hand.

    I’d also potentially need to see how you are calling the wswwpx_fold_page_list function in the sidebar.

    Lastly, there is a support email address in the header of the plugin… and a contact form on the website. These are better places to raise problems than here in the support forum since they reach me directly, getting seen and attended to more quickly than if they come here.

    Best regards


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