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  • HI

    I am using fold page list and I really like it but am having 1 problem.

    When I have a second level navigation (sub-pages) the sub-page link inherits the page_item current_page_item class. This then removes the style from the main link and adds it to the sub-link… Not what I want… I see that current_page_ancestor is used in the fold page list code, but I am not sure how to get my links to pick up that class.

    So, i a nutshell, how do I keep the main link using the current_page class and make the second level link use the ancestor (or some other) class?


    P.S. If more info or a link is needed please contact me or post and I will provide it. I would love to get this cleared up asap, it is holding up the release of 2 websites…


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