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    The Fold Page List plugin that provides the ability to selectively collapse/expand the page list navigation has just been updated to include a new class that is applied to all links that have child pages underneath them.

    The new class (page_folder) allows such links to be styled separately from those of pages which don’t have children, so it becomes possible to apply custom bullets (for example) to folders and pages.

    Used in combination with the other classes provided by this plugin it is possible to fully style the ancestor tree for any page in the hierarchy, and to (now) separately style the folders as well, even those that are not yet open.

    Full details and/or a link to download the zip archive of Fold Page List (v1.4) from Webspace Works.

    n.b. Please note that this link is different from that previously posted here, following reorganisation of the site.

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  • Hi Rob,

    It works great but seems to ignore the sort_column=ID for the children.


    Open up Camera Fundamentals: Understanding The Specifications has a Page Order = 0, Digital SLR has Page Order = 1, but Digital SLR is displaying at the top.

    Am I missing a parameter? I tried depth=2…

    Thanks for any help…


    I’d have to say that’s kind of odd. Can you send me the call you are using to invoke the plugin so I can exactly duplicate things here to check. My email address is in the head of the plugin itself.

    Best regards


    My fault. It does work. I just forgot to change to sort_column=menu_order (I moved to a new theme)…


    Fold Page List has been updated to version 1.6 as of 28 December, 2006. This is a feature enhancement, designed to stop FPL from folding the page hierarchy and to act like wp_list_pages.

    This might seem strange, but if you wish to implement drop-down page navigation then the full page hierarchy has to be both fully present in the html, and fully styled.

    FPL provides the full styling necessary to do this, and can now optionally provide the full page hierachy. The drop-down functionality needs to be addressed in your stylesheet.

    Installation guide and download link are available from the Fold Page List plugin support page. More details and links to some examples are planned to follow shortly.

    Best regards


    Is there some way to keep the SIBLINGS of the current page visible? The current page has no child pages, but is one of several items sharing the same parent page.

    So far, the plugin works to display only the child pages of the clicked parent, but when you click one of the child page links, its siblings disappear from the menu.


    Im tying to use this in the navigation in my header to show subpages beneath the selcted parent page.
    I’m swapping out <?php wp_list_pages; ?>
    with <?php wswwpx_fold_page_list ($arglist); ?>
    which works but places the word “Pages” above the list in my header. Is there a way to make the word “Pages” invisible?


    I think it works the same way as wp_list_pages, so read the Codex.

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