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  • I have not checked the forum for possible solution yet, on my way to do that;
    Having same issue when adding Focus Keyword on most pages and posts.
    After using Check SEO, often results say keyword not in title when it is.
    Using Striking theme and TN3 gallery plugin for photo and video gallery

    I have exactly the same problem! 🙁

    I didn’t see anything in the forum, but I didn’t dig too deep yet either. If you guys know anything, please let me know. It seems like a great plugin, but this is obviously a big problem. Thanks!

    Any updates from anyone on this?

    I have not found anything in forum: however, was working on this and here is what I think is happening.

    When the focus keyword is entered in the dialogue box, the tool starts searching and scoring the page or post url, title, headings, subheadings, content, and any other media tags from the page or post.

    When you are not hitting your target keyword, the SEO tool will spin its wheel next to focus keyword dialogue box and not stop.

    When you achieve some level of SEO rating for the page or post, you will get a yellow-greeen or green SEO indicator on the page or post, and the little wheel stops spinning. At least it stops after I save the changes.

    Based on this experience, I believe the tool is working, but when it does not have enough data to produce the SEO score or rating, the wheel spins till you make improvements on the score.

    Let me know if that is similar to what you have happening.

    Great info .. I thought the tool was pulling from Google. Did not know it was pulling from article.

    Thought is was sort of a Keyword tool that pulled from Google.

    The focus keyword does try to pull in suggestions, but a human is required to make choices.
    The plugin is giving the SEO rating based on the key points on the Page Analysis tab
    To update the score if the wheel is spinning on the focus keyword dialogue you need to save the changes
    Once you get a green rating for a page or post you start to see the way it works.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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