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  • Hey guys,

    OK so we have set up word press payed for a good template got it edited a bit by a out side coder.

    And now we are looking for your opinions on our website any tips or input would be awesome even if its hate we want it all.
    Also what you think about the feel of the site.

    Our link is

    Thanks a lot peeps



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  • Like alot. Will check back for more content.

    thanks you very much braincells4rent 😛

    Hey FNBTV,

    Looked over your site………….

    I Have TONS of Ideas!!!!!!!!

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    From Online radio site to Many others!

    Great script….

    sent you a email thanks for the tips mate

    Very fresh look, yet retro.

    I love the Flying People video!

    thanks alicia_30 it came with the template when we bought it and we loved the flying people video so good that we had to keep it 😛

    If your looking to add Videos of the up and comming artist that you mention on your site, and they have youtube videos.

    Tubepress is a great plugin.

    Has many feature, to auto load by your youtube account name and fav videos that YOU choose, or type etc. Great plugin.

    And I always suggest making your site into a community site, allow members email, groups, and tons more, so everyone can communicate together and keep them coming back for more.

    Most important, YOU as the admin, can keep them coming back for more with emails, newsletters etc.

    There are a few, I have tried all, the one I like best is the:

    WP Symposium

    As for Videos, I also Have LIVE TV FEEDS and Member databases for NEW sites that want to look busy until they get off the ground, hard to get nenbers to join a NEW site sometimes if they only see a handful of memmbers. Just a thought, one site I have has the info. in my profile, don’t want to advertise in a forum of course.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Fits / works perfect with ALL templates rather then any major changes needed with others that are posted.

    thanks man that is awesome im gunna talk to my partner about the email yeah mate 😛 so will keep you in the loop thanks alot for your time with the tips and so one.



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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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