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  • tonyfleming


    Occasionally, when I login to the dashboard, the flyout submenus just aren’t appearing. The arrows pointing to the right aren’t there and I can’t get to the options in the submenus. Even when I click on the main menu tab (Posts, Events, etc.), I see only that page, but the submenu under that tab doesn’t appear either. So I can’t get to any of the options under Tools or Settings.



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  • Jonas Grumby


    Are you running the most recent PHP version? Check your hosting control panel.



    Thanks, Jonas. My host is using PHP5.2. Is this most recent version?

    Jonas Grumby


    IDK for sure but sounds about right. Have you tried deactivating all plugins and switching themes? You should also delete any inactive plugins that are just sort of hanging around. Even an inactive plugin can cause a problem.



    yeah, I’ve done all of that. Deactivated all plugins and no change.

    More interesting, I can see the flyouts on one subdomain of a site, but not on another on the same site, i.e. they work on but not on

    I presume the two are on the same server (being subdomains), both have WP 3.3, and use many of the same plugins. And sometimes the flyouts DO appear, just not everytime.

    I’ll keep trying but hope someone can offer some recommendations.

    Did you found the answer?

    I have the sasme problem. Also I noticed that sometimes flayouts appear when I am on one custom post type. Also not only flayouts not working but and drag and drop widgets on the dashbord, add new media button not working also…

    I’ve not yet resolved the issue, but have received some suggestions for doing so. Just not had the time to implement them. I’ve been told that it is likely related to a plugin throwing it off. If I get an opportunity to work on this, I’ll post here again whether it worked.

    Thank you.
    I found my problem. There was a mistake in jQuery in my functions.php. Now everything is working great 🙂

    Could you elaborate on what the problem was and how you solved it?

    I don’t remember everything but I tried to split the input value by “,” when there was no text inside, so this was the first mistake. Then just added the if statement:

    if ( jQuery("#room-availability").length > 0 ){
      var dates = jQuery("#room-availability").val().split(',');

    And before that i checked all my css. There was lots of small mistakes lik width:900px;; of width;900px; or {]

    Now I try to write everything carefully, becouse it is very hard to see those small mistakes 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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