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    I created a WP blog on a new site, imported posts from a WP blog on a new site, and copied what wasn’t in the wp-content/ of the new blog from the folder of the old one.

    The new blog looks pretty much like the old one, with 2 exceptions:
    (You can see this new blog at )

    There are two “ABOUT”s – one links to the page I edited, but the other is a generic WP one. I’ve looked at header.php, but apparently that isn’t the right place What file needs to be edited to fix this?

    Second, there is “BLOGROLL” in the sidebar. I would like to change that word, and also add/delete/edit the links below. Again, I looked in sidebar.php, but couldn’t find anything relevant – would appreciate being pointed to the right place.

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  • Michelle Langston


    Theme Wrangler at Automattic

    1. To fix the “About” links – Looks like the theme is set to link all of your WordPress pages (unless you’re using the updated version that supports WordPress 3.0 menus). Just delete the WordPress generic About Page by going to “Pages” in the Dashboard and deleting the page from the list.

    2. To manage the sidebar, go to “Appearance > Widgets” in the Dashboard. Not sure if you’ve added any widgets yet (some themes include default widgets if you haven’t added any yourself). If you haven’t added any widgets, go ahead and drag the “Blogroll” widget to the sidebar, and proceed to change the widget title. To change the links, you’ll need to look on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and find the “Links” box. Expand it and you’ll see the options for adding new links.

    The “ABOUT” fix was easy as that – thanks.

    On the “Widgets” page, there is “Sidebar 1” with nothing in it.

    There is a “Links” widget, but moving it to “Sidebar 1” (I didn’t know how to change the title) resulted in BLOGROLL the same as before, but CATEGORIES and META were gone from the blog’s sidebar.

    Michelle Langston


    Theme Wrangler at Automattic

    Yes, that is what’s supposed to happen in the sidebar. If there are no widgets in a sidebar, some themes will show hard-coded widgets by default (in that case it was CATEGORIES and META).

    So you can just add the categories and meta widget back. You’ll find them in the list of available widgets, so just drag each one to whichever sidebar you want to place them under.

    As for changing the title, apparently I missed that you have to first create a link category in that links manager I told you about. The title of that category will be the title that shows up in the widget (just set the Links widget to show links from that category).

    Getting closer … The post categories apparently came from the old site OK. The problem remaining is “meta”. I only want Site Admin & Log out (or Log in). I can’t find any place to delete the RSS and WordPress links

    Michelle Langston


    Theme Wrangler at Automattic

    Unfortunately you can’t delete those, they are already built into that widget.

    However here’s a plugin you might like to try that adds a login to your sidebar:

    OK, I’ve got it (I hope.) The original blog is at
    The copy is at

    The original did not use any widgets, and I mistakenly added some in the new blog. It’s still confusing as to what should be done in the .php files, and what needs widgets (or CSS or …), but I’m resolving this.

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