• KrosW


    I’ve been using FluentCRM for the past two years, and I must say it has been an essential part of my business toolkit. This plugin has transformed the way I manage customer relationships and conduct email marketing campaigns on my WordPress website.

    FluentCRM’s contact management features are robust and user-friendly. I love how easy it is to collect, organize, and segment my contacts, making it a breeze to tailor my marketing efforts to specific groups. The segmentation options are incredibly powerful and have helped me send targeted campaigns that yield impressive results.

    The email marketing automation capabilities of FluentCRM are second to none. Creating and scheduling email campaigns has become a seamless process, and the detailed analytics provide valuable insights into the performance of each campaign. The integration options with other marketing tools have also made my workflow more efficient.

    What sets FluentCRM apart is its continuous improvement and responsive support. Over the years, I’ve seen the plugin evolve and add new features based on user feedback, which shows their dedication to providing the best CRM and email marketing solution for WordPress users. The support team has been prompt and helpful whenever I’ve had questions or needed assistance.

    In summary, FluentCRM has been a game-changer for my business. It has saved me time, increased my efficiency, and improved my overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking for a top-notch CRM and email marketing solution for your WordPress site, look no further than FluentCRM. I highly recommend it!

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